International Undergraduate Students Cost of Attendance

Good news for you as an international student at Gonzaga University – you are not required to pay ‘out-of-state’ tuition! Gonzaga's tuition is the same for all students whether you are an international student, out-of-state or in-state resident.

Cost of attendance for Undergraduate Programs and Acceptable Financial Documents

The Gonzaga University Financial Aid Office establishes standard cost of attendance budgets that reflect the educational costs for an academic year. These budgets are intended to provide an adequate, but modest lifestyle and includes the estimated cost of tuition, fees, books, room, board (meals), transportation, and personal expenses.

For I-20 issuance, you are required to submit valid supporting financial documents showing that you have sufficient funds available to cover expenses for your first year at Gonzaga University. Students typically submit this information after they are admitted and confirm their intent to enroll.

Certificate of Finances and Affidavit of Support

If you have a sponsor, this Certificate of Finances and Affidavit of Support also needs to be signed by you and your sponsor.

Scholarship opportunities are available for international undergraduates. Review our scholarship information.