The UW-GU Health Partnership in Action

  • A new state-of-the-art building serves as a hub for medical and health education, research and innovation for more than 500 UW School of Medicine (UWSOM) and Gonzaga University (GU) students, faculty and staff.
  • GU undergrads enrolled in anatomy courses participate in sessions guided by UWSOM professors in UW's Anatomy Lab.
Students in Human Physiology Lab
Photo courtesy of Sara Newman.
McKinstry Fellows '22: GU Students Sarah Meade (top left), Logan Wehrman (top right), and Makenna Edwards (bottom left), and UW Medical student Maegan Johnson (bottom right).
  • GU undergrads are spending summers working in world-class lab settings with high-level mentors at UW Medicine in Seattle as part of a UW-GU research initiative that created opportunities for GU students to gain exposure to careers in areas of medical, biomedical and health sciences research.
  • McKinstry Fellows Research grants support career-connected learning with collaborative research teams of students and faculty mentors from UWSOM and GU to study health-related issued through rural and community-based research.
  • To encourage habits to make healthier, happier healthcare workers, UWSOM and GU students formed a Running Club, and have instigated other social gatherings.
Students running
  • Shared faculty members Zach Gallagher (UWSOM biological structure) and Kevin Measor (GU biology faculty), both Ph.D.s in neuroscience, use their expertise to share teaching duties for the neuroscience module of UWSOM's Foundations Phase for medical students and neuroscience course for GU undergrads. Jake Deckert, Ph.D., teaches first-year UWSOM courses in immunology, biochemistry and cellular physiology and instructs full-time in GU's Human Physiology program. Jennifer Towers, M.S., advises medical students and leads the Leadership Pathway, an innovative collaboration between UWSOM and GU pairing leadership development with medical education.
  • UW-GU's new Certificate in Health Care Leadership helps working health care professionals develop leadership skills. The cohort-based program empowers participants to lead individuals, teams, and organizations effectively.
  • A community-based health education lecture series – Next Generation Medicine – showcases UW Medicine research experts and local healthcare leaders addressing health-related topics of interest to the community.
  • First-year UWSOM students led a Pre-Med Forum for GU's Human Physiology Club to share their knowledge and experiences learned from applying and successfully matriculating into medical school. Students plan to host more collaborative events and build relationships among their groups. 
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