Regional Health Partnership Ribbon Cutting
A Report to the Community | Spring 2023

Partners in Medical Education

University of Washington and Gonzaga University partners and students celebrate the ribbon cutting and grand opening of the Health Partnership building in September 2022.

Stronger Together, So Are the Communities We Serve

Seven years after the UW School of Medicine - Gonzaga University Health Partnership was formed it is living its mission everyday - to promote greater health through education, research, and innovation, while preparing our region's next generation of healthcare providers.

Read more about how the Health Partnership has created a greater impact than UW or GU could accomplish alone.
“The best part about the new building is the anatomy lab. With how open it is, the whole class can be in there at once and learn from each other rather than needing to be in small groups.”
Colton Poplawski, First-year medical student
“Integrating the Human Physiology department into this Partnership allows us to contribute to the rapidly evolving fields of health care, science and technology more than ever before. I am so grateful to be among the first students to learn here.”
Evan Nessen, GU Senior, Human Physiology
Students un human physiology

The UW - GU Health Partnership in Action

From opening a new state-of-the-art building that includes an anatomy lab for GU undergrads as well as medical students, to student research opportunities in Seattle and Spokane, leadership education and much more, the Health Partnership builds on the strengths of both institutions.

See more of the ways the Health Partnership is making a difference.
Collage of doctors UW-GU Health Partnership doctors (clockwise from top left): Molly Gilbert, MD; Lexie Graham, MD; Brianna Higashihara; Kelly Witte.

Meet the Doctor Next Door

UWSOM and GU graduates are working as medical and health professionals, advancing our vision to increase health and prosperity in communities throughout eastern Washington.

Read about a few of the healthcare providers that are serving our community, and who knows, they might even be your neighbor!
“The UW-GU Health Partnership has a tremendous impact on Spokane. Providing all four years of medical education in Spokane, the addition of new faculty, staff and students, and the construction of a new state-of-the-art building, have stimulated our local economy and energized our life science community aspirations.”
Jeff Phillips, UW-GU Health Partnership Advisor | Community Leader
“The UW-GU Health Partnership provides three key areas of tangible benefit to the community: Training the next generation of providers with a unique regional perspective, thus improving access to care, providing research and encouraging innovation that will improve health outcomes and have a positive economic impact, and enhancing the appeal of the area as a life and health sciences destination.”
Francisco R. Velázquez, M.D., S.M., F.C.A.P., Health Officer | Administration, Spokane Regional Health District
UW medical student showing her research project

Student-Led Research Projects Target Healthcare Challenges

Finding solutions to healthcare concerns is what medicine is all about, and recently several Spokane students tackled tough topics as part of ongoing research projects with the potential to positively impact outcomes.

Read more about a couple of the Health Partnership students’ research projects and the community impact.
UW School of Dentistry RIDE clinic class of 2025

RIDE: Regional Initiatives in Dental Education

The demand for dentists in Washington’s rural communities is never lacking. Through its RIDE program the UW School of Dentistry trains a select cohort of students in eastern Washington the tools to practice in outlying areas through RIDE.

Read more about how RIDE is fulfilling its mission in eastern Washington.
"The UW-GU Health Partnership is a profound demonstration of the important commitment to high-quality, cost-effective medical education for our region. This collaborative, community-inspired approach to training is instrumental in helping meet our region’s health care needs today and tomorrow.”
Alex Jackson, Chief Executive – Inland NW Region, MultiCare Health System
“The greatest value and impact for our region from the UW-GU Health Partnership has been their multiple contributions to raising the level of healthcare quality within our urban communities and throughout our rural areas in eastern Wash., all while growing our regional economy.”
Stacia Rasmussen, PMP, Health & Life Sciences Business Development Manager, Greater Spokane Inc.
Purple award ribbon graphic

Faculty Awards 2022

American College of Physicians - Washington

  • Matthew Hollon, M.D., Laureate Award
  • Michael Kerkering, M.D., Full-time Faculty Clinician-Educator of the Year
  • Megan Roberts, M.D., FACP Hospitalist of the Year
  • Rachel Safran, M.D., FACP Golden Apple Award

Gonzaga University 

  • Kevin Measor, Ph.D., University Faculty Award for Academic Citizenship; Career Compass Award 

Newport Community Hospital

  • Geoff Jones, M.D., 20 Years of Service Award

Shikany Foundation Teaching Excellence Award

  • Clint Hauxwell, M.D.

UW School of Medicine WWAMI Pro Awards

  • Tonja Brown, M.A.
  • Charles Charman, M.D.
  • Darin Eckert, M.D.
  • Zach Gallagher, Ph.D.
  • Ted Sousa, M.D.
  • Michael Stephens, M.D.
  • David Stoddard, M.D.

“The new spaces have provided a host of benefits for the Human Physiology program. Students have begun to make this their ‘home’ on campus, and it makes a great spot for faculty to have the close one-on-one interactions with students that we prize in our program.” 
Ryan McCulloch, PhD, Department Chair, Human Physiology Gonzaga University

UW-GU Health Partnership logo (vertical)

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