Enrico Zammarchi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor - Italian; Modern Languages and Literature

Portrait of Enrico Zammarchi, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Italian at Gonzaga University

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Education & Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Comparative Studies

M.A., The Ohio State University, Italian Studies

Laurea Magistrale, M.A., University of Bologna, Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners

Laurea Triennale, B.A., University of Bologna, Foreign Languages and Literatures

 “Sherlock Holmes in Abyssinia: Subversion of Colonial Power in Carlo Lucarelli’s Albergo Italia and Il tempo delle iene.” From the European South, (forthcoming)

“‘Stran(i)ero nella mia nazione’: Hip-Hop from Southern Alie-Nation to Afro-Italian Nation-Hood,” in Fictional and Critical Stories of Transmigration through Italy, edited by Graziella Parati, Marie Orton, Ron Kubati. Farleigh Dickinson University Press (2021): 23-41. Co-authored with Clarissa Clò.

“‘If I see a black dot, I shoot it on sight!’: Italian Rap Between Anti- and Neo-Fascisms.” Global Hip Hop Studies, 1.2 (2022)

“Timira, romanzo meticcio e stratificato”, Forum Italicum, 55.1 (2021): 64-84 (with Michela Bertossa, Lawrence Gianangeli, and Luca Peretti).

Review of Italian Modernities: Competing Narratives of Nationhood (Rosario Forlenza and Bjørn Thomassen, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). Italian Studies 73.2 (2018): 220-221.

Youth cultures and subcultures, contemporary Italian cultural studies, European studies, postcolonial studies