Incoming First-Year Students

Incoming First-Year Students

Take advantage of smaller class sizes, reduced tuition rates and six week class sessions to jump start your college experience. If you are an incoming first-year student in the Fall at Gonzaga University, or at another university, contact the Academic Advising and Assistance Office to learn about enrolling in Gonzaga University Summer Term (GUST).  

Gonzaga University Summer Term (GUST)

GUST is a 6-week program that offers students an opportunity to get a head start on their Gonzaga degree. No matter your major, GUST offers a wide variety of courses to choose from as you begin your college career. Summer courses include, but are not limited to:

Communication and Speech COMM 100
History US History or World History
Literature ENGL 102-287
Philosophy PHIL 101
Precalculus MATH 147
Writing and Composition ENGL 101
The Acedemic Advising and Assistance Office is here to help you get started!

Incoming First Year Students - Other Colleges

Classes are open to students enrolled at other colleges and universities, as well as those from the community who value lifelong learning. If you're not currently enrolled at Gonzaga, you'll just need to complete the Online Summer Activation Form to be assigned a PIN that will allow you to register for the courses of your choice.