Residence Life & University Dining

Housing Accommodations

Gonzaga University provides residence hall accommodations for students with disabilities that demonstrate a need for specific types of living environment on the basis of disability. You may request residence accommodations through the usual process for securing accommodations, but please note that these types of accommodations have the following deadlines:

  • For current Freshmen and students transferring to Gonzaga, the deadline by which a student should contact our office regarding a Housing request for the next year is January 1st of the current academic year.
  • For current Sophomores and Juniors, the deadline by which a student should contact our office regarding a Housing request for the next year is October 10th of the current academic year.
  • For incoming Freshmen, the deadline by which a student should contact our office regarding a Housing request for the Fall is May 1st.

Requests made after these deadlines will still be considered, but are not guaranteed. 

Important points to know about accommodated housing

On campus living during a student's Junior and Senior years is not guaranteed.

All students, even those with accommodations, are required to follow Housing's processes and procedures for applying for on campus living.  The Housing application lets the University know your preferences regarding on campus living, and for Juniors and Seniors, that you desire to live on campus during those years and so want to be entered into the lottery to do so.  Failure to participate appropriately in the Housing application and selection process may result in a student not receiving their approved accommodation.

Disability Access asks the Residence Life office to place the student in any room that can fulfill the accommodation needs of that student, we do not ask Residence Life to place a student in a particular residence hall as an accommodation.

"Priority Housing" Requests

There is not an accommodation for "Priority Housing" students who have been approved for an accommodation for a specific need are guaranteed* that accommodation through the regular Housing process, therefore, selecting housing early is unnecessary as an accommodation. (*Students must follow all Housing processes and procedures for applying for housing, even if they have an accommodation.  Failure to do so may result in the student not having access to the living space they need.)

Single Room Requests

Single rooms are not granted based on a need for quiet study space. Residence halls are designed as living spaces. We ask students who need very quiet environments for study to seek other places on campus that are designated as quiet study areas.

All other single room requests should be requested using the Disability Access Process for Securing Accommodations.

Emotional Support Animals

Information regarding this policy is available here: Gonzaga University Assistance and Service Animal Policy for Students.

Notes for students requesting an accommodation for an emotional support animal:

  • Disability Access needs a letter from the medical practitioner who diagnosed your condition that shows the need for a comfort animal. The letter should articulate the need for the animal based on your medical condition. This letter should not say (simply): “In my professional opinion, due to [the student]'s condition, [the student] needs a comfort/emotional support animal.” Rather it needs to articulate why, based on the diagnosis, a comfort animal would be an accommodation for your condition. For example: “[The student] has been diagnosed with [condition X] using [some diagnostic means]. [Condition X] causes [the student] to have the following symptoms: [A,B,C]. We have found that through [some means] having a ‘comfort animal [of type Y]’ in [the student's] living area reduces or alleviates those symptoms.”  You can download a copy of this guidance for your medical provider here: ESA Addendum to documentation.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions (509) 313-4134.

University Dining

Students requesting modifications due to personal choice/preference such as veganism, vegetarianism, keto diet, etc. do not go through the disability process.  Those students should contact Sodexo directly.

The Chefs and Staff of Gonzaga's dining services work hard to ensure that the food and facilities are accessible to all.  If you have questions about how they can fulfill your dietary needs please contact the general manager at Sodexo directly or let us know and we will help arrange a meeting with dinning staff.  Students requesting disability accommodations for their meal plan or the dining service facilities are typically asked to meet with Sodexo staff before proceeding through the Disability Access process first, as most situations can be handled without the need for intervention from our office.  If Sodexo staff believes they cannot meet the student's need, they will communicate that to our office, and this will be added to the student's documentation.

If you have questions regarding disability accommodations for meal plans, please contact our office at 509-313-4134 or