Students with disabilities that affect things such as concentration, auditory processing, symbol decoding, and physical use of the hands may use a notetaker. This accommodation allows the student to have access to the same material as other students. Most of these students will take some notes of their own, and supplement with the notes provided by the notetaker.

Why do some students with this accommodation NOT request a notetaker?

Disabilities vary in type and scope. While the disability may affect the student in one subject, the student may have no trouble in another. Curriculum design has a great influence on the need for notetakers. Handing out outlines of the class lecture or posting notes or outlines on Blackboard often eliminates the need for a notetaker; teaching style is often a factor, as well. As students develop relationships with their peers, they may ask a friend to take notes for them, thus eliminating the need for an announcement to the class. Some students have not learned to advocate effectively for themselves, and may avoid asking you to make a notetaking announcement. If you think this is the case, please feel free to privately ask the student if they would like you to make a notetaking announcement.