Retaking ALEKS

Students have the option to retake ALEKS for an opportunity to improve their scores and consequently, placement. The following restrictions apply:

  • Upon completion of any assessment, there will be a mandatory 24-hour cool-off period
  • After the first assessment attempt, and following the 24-hour cool-off period, students must spend a minimum of 3 hours in the Prep and Learning Module, to help you refresh some topics you may have forgotten. Log back into your ALEKS account to access the Prep and Learning Module, and assessment
  • Students may retake ALEKS a third time, after 24-hours from their second attempt, and 5 hours spent in the Prep and Learning Module
  • A student may take ALEKS three times only. Placement will be final after the 3rd attempt
  • It is the student's responsibility to inform the Advising office that he/she has retaken ALEKS - email

If you have questions, please visit the ALEKS FAQs page.