Deciphering Placement Scores

If you have taken the ALEKS PPL Assessment, you should have received a score. Use the following table for your major to find your score and corresponding placement. Scores are sent directly to Gonzaga University, and will be used by the professional advisors in Academic Advising & Assistance to place you in your first semester math course.

If you wish to place higher, you have the option to retake the Assessment. For more information, please click here. Please note: Academic Honesty is very important to the University, and any violations are subject to academic sanctions. To review the Academic Honesty policy, please click here.

ALEKS Placement Scores

The information below shows where your assessment score places you, according to Major.


Major   Score   Placement
All Majors (BioChemistry, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Human Physiology, Mathematics, Physics)   60 and Below   MATH 100 College Algebra
Human Physiology, B.A. in Computer Science & Computation Thinking   61-100   MATH 148 Survey of Calculus
Business (Includes Business Administration, Accounting and B.A. Economics)   61-100   MATH 114 Math Analysis for Business
BioChemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science (BS), Economics (BS), Engineering, Mathematics & Physics   61-75   MATH 147 Pre-Calculus
BioChemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science (BS), Economics (BS), Engineering, Mathematics & Physics   76-100   MATH 157 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I

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