Thoughts & Prayers - for Those Impacted by Earthquake in Turkey

TO: Gonzaga Community
FROM: Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil., President
SUBJ: Thoughts & Prayers - for Those Impacted by Earthquake in Turkey
DATE: February 6, 2023

Early this morning, two earthquakes struck Turkey, the first with a 7.8 magnitude and the second with a 7.5 magnitude — each with many significant aftershocks — causing widespread destruction in Turkey and Syria and resulting in over 3,800 deaths and thousands more injured. One of the strongest earthquakes to hit the region in more than a century, the first was centered in the town of Pazarcik in Turkey's southeastern Kahramanmaras province and has been followed by many more aftershocks.

As rescue workers continue to search for survivors, the death toll is expected to rise. Both Turkey and Syria have declared a state of emergency and Turkey has entered a seven-day mourning period. Charities and organizations around the world are rushing to aid the peoples of these nations, working tirelessly to locate survivors and victims, provide aid workers, and provide entire communities with the support they need. For those interested in supporting relief efforts, click here for information about what is currently happening and a list of possible opportunities for engagement.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those members of our global community directly impacted by this tragedy. We also keep all those members of the Spokane community, and any with whom we are connected who have family and friends affected by this disaster in our thoughts and prayers. Click here for more information about care and support resources.