Important Message to Gonzaga Students: ​Graduate & Law Student Arrival and Return to Gonzaga Guide

August 7, 2020

Dear Gonzaga Graduate and Law Students,

Greetings from Gonzaga. I hope you are doing well as this week rapidly comes to its conclusion.

With this email, I am sending you an important document: the Graduate and Law Student Arrival and Return to Gonzaga Guide. Please take the time to look through this document as it has a lot of important information that we want to make sure you have as you make plans for the Fall Semester.

The fact that we are operating in the context of a virulent pandemic cannot be denied or ignored. Though many of Gonzaga’s Graduate programs are online, others are taught on campus or in a hybrid model. We want all of our students to understand how Gonzaga will operate in the midst of this pandemic. As new and ongoing restrictions are in place and active, this does not make the task of returning to campus a simple one. That being said, we have been in constant dialogue with our partners at Spokane Regional Health District – as well as with partners at the state and national levels – to lean on their expert counsel and identify ways that we can provide an optimal student experience in the face of COVID-19.

Another communication will be sent later this month asking that you confirm that you have reviewed and understand the Notice of Risk and Acknowledgment Statement included in the Graduate and Law Student Arrival and Return to Gonzaga Guide. As important members of the Gonzaga community, please take time with the Guide.

Thank you for your engagement in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Your participation makes the Gonzaga community more resilient during this difficult time.

Sincerely yours,

Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil.