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All retreat offerings will be in-person during the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

Questions? Contact the campus minister who coordinates the retreat of interest or stop by University Ministry in Hemmingson 104.

University Ministry is committed to ensuring that cost is never an obstacle to experiencing a retreat or program. If cost is an issue for you, we offer no-questions-asked scholarships. To receive scholarship funding, please email Terry Randles ( with the name of the retreat/program, and we will take it from there.


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Fresh Retreat is our first-year offering created to begin or continue your story with God in college and find faith buddies to journey with you. It is a time to reflect, pray, play, build community, and bring intentionality into your faith and relationships.

Questions? Contact Candace Williams at

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This overnight retreat is an invitation into a liminal space in the wilderness to personally experience "the Holy Mystery" and practice contemplative Christian spirituality. While tent-camping on the shores of a serene lake, hiking on mountain trails, visiting an ancient tree sanctuary, and roasting smores around a campfire, you will have an opportunity to reflect both individually and in small groups on how the “quiet whisper” of God is speaking to you.

Questions? Please contact Ben Chu at


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Zag Immersion is a daylong immersion where we intentionally take time away from GU to immerse ourselves in refugee experiences. We take part in a refugee simulation, hear from refugees and immigrants, eat their food and volunteer and play with their children. It is a day of service, meeting new people and growing in our experiences and understanding of the world.

For more info contact Rev. Janeen Steer at


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PAUSE! Before you sign up for this retreat please read a brief explanation of what Search is:

Search’s mission is to share and experience the love of Jesus in community. The Search Retreat is Christian-based—the talks are centered around God’s expression of love through the person of Jesus. Anyone, regardless of faith tradition, is welcome on Search, but we want to be upfront that the love of Jesus will be a central theme on this retreat. That being said, we have had many people from varying faith backgrounds (or no faith background) come on this retreat and have a positive experience. We know that past Searchers say “You have to go on Search before you graduate!” and then they don’t tell you why or what it’s about. Hopefully the above explanation demystifies what Search is a little and it gives you a bit more information to decide whether or not you want to go on this retreat. Search is not intended to be a bucket-list item, but a time for you to explore who you are and how God longs to extend love to you.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Meredith McKay: 

Thank you!

Please note: Search registration closes 3 weeks before each retreat.  


Have you ever wondered about the Jewish Sabbath (shabbat) or the “day of rest,”? How do Jews acknowledge and celebrate Shabbat and what do we think it means to “cease from work and rest”? The Shabbat retreat at Bozarth mansion on October 27-28, 2023 is one such opportunity to join with Jewish and non-Jewish friends to celebrate the day of rest, and delight in the opportunity to refresh, rejuvenate, hike, sing and of course eat.

If you have questions, please contact Rabbi Goldstein at or Gabriela Marquis at



Be Encouraged, Empowered and Refreshed. This is a weekend of laughter, rest, quiet, prayer and good food. It’s about low stress, and deep peace. Your time is precious. Your energy is valued. Your voice matters. Bottom line: we know how much is asked of you and we’re not interested in what you can do. We simply want to be with you. Eat organic. Do yoga. Play. Pray. Rest.

Questions? Please contact Janeen Steer at


The Men's Retreat is the culminating event of our men's ministry small groups in which we journey together in healthy and authentic male spirituality. The retreat consists of a backpacking trip in the majestic North Cascades during which we will have time to celebrate brotherhood, discover and discern our purpose, and pray in both movement and stillness.

Questions? Please contact Ben at


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