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 Mission and Ministry Team 

We are excited to walk with you and help you experience God's love and grow in faith. Our vocation, training, and diverse life experience inspire us to serve and lead in the Gonzaga community through pastoral care, worship, mission education and spiritual formation. Come see us in our two offices on the first floor of Hemmingson Center (104) or the second floor of College Hall (240). You are so loved and we are excited you are here! 

Michelle Wheatley                   Cindy Perry

Michelle Wheatley, D.Min. Cindy Perry
Vice President for Mission Integration Assistant to the Vice President
509-313-6191 509-313-6191

Kevin Brown, Ph.D.

B. Kevin Brown, Ph.D. Senior Specialist, Faculty and Staff Formation 509-313-6112


 Luke Lavin Lauren Hackman-Brooks Luke Lavin, Ph.D. Lauren Hackman-Brooks
Director, Campus Ministry Director, Mission Formation
509-313-4243 509-313-4245

Terry Randles Fr. Pat Conroy, S.J.

Terry Randles Fr. Pat Conroy, S.J.
Office Coordinator Jesuit Specialist III
509-313-4242 509-313-4239

 Janeen Steer Daniel Dangca

Rev. Janeen Steer Daniel Dangca Senior Coordinator Senior Coordinator for Liturgical Life 509-313-4258 509-313-4238

Erik Mertens

Fr. Dan Mai, S.J.   Erik Mertens 
Jesuit Specialist Coordinator II
509-313-5517 509-313-4262

Meredith McKay

Meredith McKay  Candace Williams Coordinator II Coordinator I 509-313-4241 509-313-4406


Fr. Pham 

Fr. Bryan Pham, S.J.
Law School Chaplain
Special Assistant to the Associate Provost for Student Affairs
Law School Room 129


Portrait of Elizabeth Goldstein, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Rabbi Elizabeth Goldstein, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Jewish Chaplain
Adviser, Jewish Bulldogs


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