International Medical Insurance

GeoBlue Traveler

GeoBlue is a program designed to keep you safe and healthy as you travel the world. Your GeoBlue traveler plan features a full range of personal solutions including concierge-level services and convenient online and mobile self-service tools.

GeoBlue Eligibility

GeoBlue Traveler provides coverage for you and your traveling spouse and unmarried, dependent children, while on a business trip or business sojourn (leisure trip directly connected before, after or during a business trip) when outside your home country.

How to book

Refer to the Zags Travel & Expense Training webpage for instructions on how to request and book your travel in Concur, or sign up for a training session through the GU Training App, or contact the office directly at 509-313-6370.  


Download the Geo Blue app and login with the email address and password you crated when you registered on the website. If you have not previously registered, you can register directly through the app. The GeoBlue app provides you with the most convenient access to your ID card and GeoBlue’s self-service tools.

Benefits are paid for covered expenses as follows:

Plan Maximums Limits are per Covered Person
Trip Coverage Period Maximum Benefits Optional as selected by the Policyholder: $250,000
Medical Benefits Insurer Pays
Professional Services
a. Surgery, anesthesia, radiation therapy, in-hospital doctor visits, diagnostic X-ray and lab 100% of Reasonable Expenses
b. Office Visits: including X-rays and lab work billed by the attending physician 100% of Reasonable Expenses
Inpatient Hospital Services
a. Surgery, X-rays, In-hospital doctor visits 100% of Reasonable Expenses
b. In-patient medical emergency 100% of Reasonable Expenses
Ambulatory Surgical Center 100% of Reasonable Expenses
Ambulance Service (Non Medical Evacuation) 100% of Reasonable Expenses
Benefits for claims resulting from downhill (alpine) skiing and scuba diving (certification by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) or the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) required or diving under the supervision of a certified instructor) Limited to $10,000
Outside Home Country Outpatient prescription drugs 100% of Reasonable Expenses
Dental Care required due to an Injury 100% of Covered Expenses up to $200 maximum per Trip Coverage Period
Dental Care for Relief of Pain 100% of Covered Expenses up to $100 maximum per Trip Coverage Period
Other Coverages: Insurer Pays:
Repatriation of Remains Maximum Benefit: $25,000
Medical Evacuation Maximum Benefit per Trip Coverage Period for all Evacuations: $250,000
Bedside Visit Maximum Benefit per Trip Coverage Period: $1,500 for the cost of one economy round-trip air fare ticket to, and the hotel accommodations in, the place of the Hospital Confinement for one (1) person