Evacuation Information for Guests and Visitors

Welcome to Gonzaga University! Emergencies requiring an evacuation at Gonzaga are very rare. In the event you are a guest or visitor on campus and are asked to evacuate the building, here are a few tips to help keep you safe:

  • Prior to enjoying your event at Gonzaga University, take a moment to locate the closest emergency exit to your location. If you cannot locate one, ask a GU representative for help.
  • Pay attention to any safety briefings or announcements made at the start of your event, tour, or visit.
  • If you have any concerns about how you would exit a space, or if you think you may require assistance during an emergency, speak with your host immediately or locate a Gonzaga employee for assistance.
  • During an evacuation, please follow all instructions issued by Gonzaga employees and/or emergency notifications and alerts.
    • In very large venues such as theaters and arenas, do not evacuate your area until you are instructed to do so.  
    • Once you are instructed to exit the building, please proceed in an orderly fashion without delay and leave your belongings behind.
    • Please wait quietly at the designated safe area you are directed to until further information is provided.
    • Please avoid using your cell phone or conversing loudly with others, as this may interfere with additional instructions during the emergency.
    • Please do not attempt to leave the campus in your automobile without instructions, as a sudden influx of traffic can be dangerous to other evacuees and impede first responders.
    • If you are separated from your group or loved one, please stay with Gonzaga employees and let them know you need to be reunited. They should Campus Security and Public Safety to assist you.
    • If you require immediate emergency assistance, call 911.