Past BRIDGE Participants

What do they think?


"I am looking forward to meeting new people and helping others who are in the same position I was in my first year. I did not do BRIDGE as an incoming first-year student, so I am excited to experience it this year as a counselor."

Remember: BREATHE; don't sweat the small stuff.
BRIDGE in one word: Community



"My favorite part about BRIDGE is meeting a ton of new people who have different backgrounds than your own and who come from different places, and then over a week realizing how close you have become to these previous strangers and knowing that before you even start college, you have a family here that is ready to support you."

Remember: Be all around open... open to get to know others, open to learn, open to let people get to know you.
BRIDGE in one word: Support


"I got to meet my best friends that are now like family. I also got to know the campus, and I was able to move-in before everyone else got to school. The ice breakers were BOMB because they help you get to know everyone."

Remember: Just be yourself, and don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Put yourself out there and be social.
BRIDGE in one word: Fun 



"I was able to meet all of the new people that would become my closest college friends."

Remember: Get out of your comfort zone. Don't be afraid to act crazy.
BRIDGE in one word: Family


"I met my best friends at BRIDGE, and they have now become my family. I can't imagine my experience at Gonzaga without them."

Remember: Keep an open mind! Be open to adventure and new things, new perspectives, and new people. You'll have an amazing time if you let you be you and not worrying about "looking cool."
BRIDGE in one word: Uplifting


"My favorite part was meeting all the people who basically make freshmen year what it is. At BRIDGE, I formed my main group of friends and got to meet a lot of staff and administration that I ran into throughout the whole year. It made me feel like I had an advantage and that I was prepared."

Remember: Be open to new ideas and be willing to share yours.
BRIDGE in one word: Intense :)


"I liked being able to get the hard aspects of transitioning to college out of the way such as books, moving-in, key offices and building locations."

Remember: Open yourself up completely and embrace the opportunity to fall in love with GU twice in two weeks.
BRIDGE in one word: Juice-Bangin'


"My favorite part about BRIDGE was how close everyone got; it gave us a chance to get through the awkward transition between high school and college and built an implicit trust among all the BRIDGE kids."

Remember: Don't ever be afraid to embarrass yourself. If you hide who you really are to make friends, you're going to miss out on finding truly dependable friends.
BRIDGE in one word: Phenomenal 


"My favorite part of BRIDGE was the people I met. The people I met in BRIDGE are some of my best friends today."

Remember: My advice would be to break your bubble and branch out and meet new people. These are your fellow classmates for four more years.
BRIDGE in one word: Helpful!


"The best part was moving in before everyone else, but it was also really meeting a good set of friends that I can always fall back on."

Remember: Be open to every activity no matter how ridiculous it may seem. It ends up being fun looking back on it and most of the information that is thrown at you IS useful. Allow yourself to make new friends, and you never know who might actually become your best friend.
BRIDGE in one word: Family


"The best part was meeting my core group of friends that I now consider a part of my family. BRIDGE really helped with my transition from high school to college and it made me feel comfortable at GU. It was completely worth it! I didn't have to worry about anything because I was already moved in and really familiar with campus."

Remember: Take this opportunity to meet some great people.
BRIDGE in one word: Fantastic


"I think the best part of BRIDGE was the relationships/friendships I made. I honestly was not excited about BRIDGE until I realized how great it was; I made friends that I will never forget. It made the transition to college much easier. BRIDGE has helped me feel more comfortable being at GU. I had a group of friends before school even started. It was great being introduced to a diverse group of people. I was able to sit back and relax while everybody else was moving in!"

Remember: Be open-minded.
BRIDGE in one word: Unforgettable


david"Although I have not participated in BRIDGE before, I can attest that at least conceptionally it is a great idea.  When I started at Gonzaga I missed most of the orientation activities and I lived at home for the first semester.  It took me much longer to build friends because I did not get to spend time with other people equally out of place early on.  If I had a word of advice it would be to relax and just enjoy spending time with each other.  This is my first time with BRIDGE so I am just as nervous about it as you are.  By the time orientation comes we will be the ones at an advantage because we have already gotten a head start adjusting to campus life."


Remember: BRIDGE will be a warm welcome and preparation to what Gonzaga University has to offer during your enrollment.
BRIDGE in one word: Family


"The best part of BRIDGE was making friends before the school year began because that made the transition into Gonzaga more enjoyable. We had a week of getting to know each other and build lasting friendships. BRIDGE made my time at Gonzaga more enjoyable and memorable because it helped me build friendships and become more familiar with the campus before school started which made my first few days at Gonzaga much easier. BRIDGE was lots of fun! I am very excited to go back and help and be a part of BRIDGE once again."

Remember: Participate in all the BRIDGE activities because the more you participate the more
you interact and get to know the rest of the BRIDGE participants.
BRIDGE in one word: FUN!!!


"BRIDGE introduced me to a lot of new things, people, and different aspects of the Gonzaga community that would not have been introduced to me outside of bridge. Not to mention you get to make friendships that will last for your entire college career. I do not know how my experience here in GU would have been had it not been for BRIDGE. But I feel that it allowed to not feel so left out. By coming to campus early you don't have to worry about moving in, getting your books, changing your schedule, figuring out last tid bits, because when everyone else on campus arrives it is chaotic!"

Remember: Don't listen to those out there that tell you "you can't do it". If you build it, it will come.
BRIDGE in one word: Phenomenal


"The best part of BRIDGE was being able to meet and interact with a wide variety of incoming GU students. I was able to develop great relationships with BRIDGE participants giving me a solid support system of peers before school even started.Being involved in BRIDGE allowed me to feel prepared and therefore comfortable to take part in various GU activities and clubs on campus. From contacts I made during BRIDGE I was able to effectively network and meet a great number of people during my freshman year. BRIDGE was most definitely worth coming to campus early. I gained a group of friends, gathered a lot of useful resources, was able to meet important GU faculty, familiarized myself with the campus and important GU offices, and was able to discuss issues pertaining to diversity with students coming from a wide variety of backgrounds which challenged my own viewpoints and therefore increased my knowledge of ethnic diversity."

Remember:  The program offers a great amount of resources. Take full advantage of everything that is available!
BRIDGE in one word: Unique


"I didn't attend BRIDGE as a freshman, but I think the best thing I have seen come out of it are great friendships. Many of my friends as a freshman were students who attended BRIDGE, all of whom were amazingly welcoming and nice. Even having not attended, it played a part in my settling in and feeling accepted at GU. I think coming to campus before all the crazy hullabaloo of orientation would totally be worth it, there's no better way to get your bearings."

Remember:  Be active and participate fully in everything you do - you'll be glad you did!
BRIDGE in one word: Fantasmalistic!


"The best part of BRIDGE was feeling welcomed and extremely comfortable around the counselors and the rest of the BRIDGE students. BRIDGE has changed my experienced at GU because I made friendships that will be lifelong friendships and it has helped me network and ease my college experience. It was worth coming early because I had never visited the campus prior to BRIDGE and it helped me move in, buy books, and settle my nerves about college before everyone coming in."

Remember: BRIDGE will be an experience that you will not regret having in college.
BRIDGE in one word: Family


"I became involved in BRIDGE because I heard about and worked with the program while I was working at UMEC my freshman year and I felt that getting involved with BRIDGE would be a good way for me to help incoming freshmen with the transition to the experience of college life.  I think that BRIDGE is an excellent way for students to become introduced to the campus and the college experience without getting overwhelmed.  Being on campus and having already made some connections prior to everyone else moving in and the whole orientation ordeal is helpful in establishing yourself in a new place."

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