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Use the slideshow above to preview and download preformatted images for use with the new 3 column template. To quickly navigate through the images, use the + and - buttons or click specific image numbers on the grey navigation bar. Once you find a photo that you would like to use, click on the image itself and it will open as a downloadable jpg in a new browser window. Save this jpg image to your computer. Once you are done collecting the images that you will need, you must upload them to your "img/450" folder in your department's web directory. Once they are uploaded and published, you will be able to use them on any of your web pages using the new 3 column template. Images are not required in order to use the 3 column template. If no image is used, the text will slide up to fill the unused space.

Naming Conventions and Photo Credits

The images are named according to their image number in our photo database. We ask that you do not rename them for use on the web because the image number will help us locate the full scale print version for you if you wish to use the image in any of your print projects. The smaller images use the same naming convention as the larger images with the addition of "sm_" at the beginning of their names. Each image also contains two initials preceded by an underscore. These initials identify the photographer of the image. Below is a list of the photographers contained in the web photo database.

Please insert title tags for photo credits.
_as (title="photo credit: Amy Sinisterra")
_dd (title="photo credit: Dean Davis")
_dg (title="photo credit: Dale Goodwin")
_eo (title="photo credit: Erik Osterback")
_go (title="photo credit: Gonzaga Outdoors")
_hz (title="photo credit: Hanna Zak")
_jr (title="photo credit: Jennifer Raudebaugh")
_kc (title="photo credit: Keith Currie")
_kh (title="photo credit: Kirk Hirota")
_mg (title="photo credit: Matthew Gollnick")
_mm (title="photo credit: Mark Muelheim")
_pt (title="photo credit: Peter Tormey")
_sbb (title="photo credit: Sandra Bancroft Billings")
_zb (title="photo credit: Zack Berlat")


Personal Photo Usage

You are not restricted to using only the images shown on this page for your website. We encourage you to use your own images for your web pages as well. Event photography or photos taken for your specific publications will work best. Below are photoshop templates that will add the necessary formatting and sizing for your images.

Download Large Image Template (450x220): 450_xx.psd

Download Small Image Template (206x120): 206_xx.psd

Photo Editing

If you do not own Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, the free photo editing program, GIMP will also work.

Mac and PC versions of GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program) can be downloaded here: www.gimp.org

Gonzaga also teaches classes in Photoshop Elements. Class schedules can be found online at: www.gonzaga.edu/gutraining

Instructions for downloading this smaller image are the same as those for the larger image except you must upload these smaller images to your "inc/206" folder in your department's web directory. Once they are uploaded and published, this smaller image will work as a random image meant to appear on all 3 column pages within your department. Instructions for using your own images in this area can be found by clicking here.

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