Exceptions to PC Standards

If university hardware standards do not meet a client's needs, exception equipment may be purchased, subject to the approval process below.

NOTE: Gonzaga IT staff are optimized to support standard computers with standard software images. Selecting non-standard equipment may complicate support and delay repairs. If you need to use non-standard equipment, please keep in mind that support may take longer in some cases, especially when repair parts are needed.

Theft and Failure Replacement

  1. Theft - contact Campus Public Safety & Security (x6147) to file an incident report and then contact the IT Support Center (techsupport@gonzaga.edu or x5550).
  2. Failure and Loss - In the event of failure, ask the IT Support Center to certify that the equipment has failed and is no longer under warranty. Upon determination of failure, the IT Support Center will initiate the process of replacing the failed equipment with equipment capable of providing comparable functionality. Any additional or different functional requirements must be communicated to the IT Support Center at the time the failure replacement process is initiated.
  3. In the case of theft, failure and loss, if you need temporary equipment until a replacement can be delivered, please contact the IT Support Center (techsupport@gonzaga.edu or x5550).

Displays/Peripherals/Supplemental Equipment

  1. Displays purchased separately from CPUs will be subject to the same replacement, new use, and exception policies.
  2. ITS will negotiate volume discounts for standard port replicators and docking stations to be purchased by local departments based upon individual needs assessment.

Approval Process

Exception Form
New-user requests, failure and theft replacement requests, multiple computer requests and all exceptions to standards must be approved by your Area Vice President followed by the CIO.

To request new use equipment or an exception to standards, e-mail the appropriate form to Techsupport@its.gonzaga.edu.

Information Technology Services

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Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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