Emergency Preparedness

Active Shooter Resources

Gonzaga University recognizes the importance of training all members of our community (staff, faculty, students, visitors, and guests) on the appropriate protective actions to take in the event of an active shooter incident.  All members of the Gonzaga community are encouraged to take the following steps to learn about, and prepare for, an active shooter incident:

  1. Register for ZAG Alert. ZAG Alert is the emergency notification system used by the campus to communicate with our community during a disaster or life-threatening emergency.  Visit the ZAG Alert webpage for information on how ZAG Alert works, and how to ensure your contact information is registered and up-to-date in our system.
  2. Watch Shots Fired on Campus.  This educational video, produced by the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, is designed to teach members of a college campus how to respond to an active shooter event. Watch the video at http://www.gonzaga.edu/active-shooter.
  3. Review the Active Shooter Response Checklist.  This resource is a one-page overview of the protective actions you should take during and after an active shooter incident.  Consider printing this resource and posting it in a visible area in your room or office, and review the information frequently.

Questions about active shooters on campus should be directed to Campus Security, by calling 509-313-2222. 


ZagReady! is the Gonzaga University emergency preparedness program, designed to coordinate emergency preparedness education and training opportunities for our community. The ZagReady! Program offers educational resources to help Zags get informed about the disasters or hazards in their area, make a plan to respond to those threats, and to pack a kit to help them survive the emergency.  ZagReady! Works in partnership with the Greater Spokane Division of Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Read the ZagReady! Blog for information and current preparedness topics, and to check for special announcements, contests, or giveaways.

Emergency Guidelines Poster

The Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management, in partnership with the Risk Management committee, developed this convenient, one-page overview of emergency preparedness guidelines for all members of the Gonzaga community to review. These guidelines are posted on the safety bulletin board in each building. Please read this poster and familiarize yourself with the information, and consider printing the poster for your room or office.

Questions about emergency preparedness guidelines should be directed to Cassandra Stelter via email or calling 509-313-6358.

Gonzaga University has a Risk Management Committee which has been crafting various programs and procedures to follow in the event of an emergency on campus.  Please click on the links below for information on current procedures and programs available:

Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA 99258-0069
Phone: 509.313.6445
Fax: 509.313.5199

Joe Madsen, Director of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management

Cassandra Stelter, Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management Specialist

Charles Murphy, Vice President for Finance

Marcia Bertholf, Assistant to Vice President for Finance