JOPA Microfilm Collections

Archival materials represented within this grouping are both from JOPA's own holdings as well as from other institutions.


JOPA's most valuable resources to researchers have been microfilmed in three major NHPRC-funded projects. In 1976 its entire INDIAN LANGUAGES COLLECTION was completed in two parts, one pertaining to the languages of Alaskan Natives and the other to Pacific Northwest Tribes. The second and third projects, completed in 1980 and 1987, were focused around the general theme of Jesuit Mission History in Alaska and the Northwest. Consequently, these microfilmed materials were drawn from the most relevant and important subgroups in the MISSIONS and HOUSES COLLECTION and the INDIVIDUAL JESUITS' FILES. The Guides contain not only finding aid descriptions, but short biographical sketches and mission histories as well. Copies of the Guides are available for purchase, either from the Special Collections Department or Scholarly Resources Inc., 104 Greenhill Ave., Wilmington, DE 19805.

Full bibliographic citations are as follows:
Carriker, Robert C., Clifford Carroll, S.J. and W.L. Larson. Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus' Indian Language Collection: The Alaska Native Languages. Spokane: Gonzaga University, 1976. 49p. MICROFILM: Inupiaq, Central Yupik, Ingalik, Koyukon.28 Reels.

Carriker, Eleanor, Robert C. Carriker, Clifford A. Carroll, S.J. and W.L. Larson. Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus' Indian Language Collection: The Pacific Northwest Tribes. Spokane: Gonzaga Univ., 1976. 43p. MICROFILM: Assiniboine, Crow, Blackfeet/Piegan, Gros Ventre, Nez Perce, Yakima, Chelan, Coeur d' Alene, Columbia/Moses, Colville, Kalispel, Kootenai. 21 Reels.

Carriker, Robert C., Jennifer A. Boharski, Eleanor Carriker and Clifford A. Carroll, S.J. Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus Alaska Mission Collection. Spokane: Gonzaga Univ., 1980. 92p. MICROFILM: Alaska Mission Collection, Akulurak, Andreafski, Bethel District, Chaniliut, Dillingham, Douglas, Eagle, Fairbanks, Holy Cross, Hooper Bay, Juneau, Kashunuk, Ketchikan, King Island and Little Diomede, Kokrines, Kotzebue, Mountain Village, Nome, Nulato, Pilgrim Springs, Pilot Station, St. Michael Mission, Southeast Alaska, Tanana, Francis Barnum, S.J., Joseph Bernard, S.J., Peter Bougis, S.J., Bartholomew Chiaudano, S.J., Joseph Crimont, S.J., Edward Cunningham, S.J., Philip Delon, S.J., Paul Deschout, S.J., Anthony Drathman, S.J., Aloysius Eline, S.J., John Fox, S.J., Carmelo Giordano, S.J., John Hess, S.J., Aloysius Jacquet, S.J., Julius Jette, S.J., William Judge, S.J., Anthony Keyes, S.J., Bellarmine Lafortune, S.J., Martin Lonneux, S.J., Giovanni Lucchesi, S.J., Joseph McElmeel, S.J., Frank Menager, S.J., Francis Monroe, S.J., Paul Muset, S.J., John Negro, S.J., John O Hare, S.J., Joseph Perron, S.J., Hubert Post, S.J., John Post, S.J., Aloysius Ragaru, S.J., John Rene, S.J., Aloysius Robaut, S.J., Aloysius Roccati, S.J., Crispin Rossi, S.J., Frederick Ruppert, S.J., John Sifton, S.J., Philbert Turnell, S.J., Paschal Tosi, S.J., Joseph Treca, S.J., James Twohig, S.J., John Van Der Pol, S.J., Francis Barnum, S.J. 42 Reels.

Carriker, Robert C. and Eleanor Carriker. Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Pacific Northwest Tribes Missions Collection of the Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus. Wilmington: Scholarly Resources Inc., 1987. 97p. MICROFILM: St. Mary's Mission, Stevensville [MT], St. Ignatius Mission [MT], St. Peter's Mission [MT], Holy Family Mission [MT], St. Joseph Labre Mission, Ashland [MT], St. Paul's Mission [MT], St. Francis Xavier Mission [MT], Sacred Heart Mission [ID], St. Joseph's Mission [ID], St. Ignatius Mission, Cusick [WA], St. Paul's Mission [WA], St. Francis Regis Mission [WA], St. Mary's Mission, Omak [WA], St. Andrew's Mission, Pendleton [OR], Joseph Caruana, S.J., Joseph Cataldo, S.J., Jerome D Aste, S.J., George de la Motte, S.J., Joseph Giorda, S.J., Urban Grassi, S.J., Edward Griva, S.J., Joseph Joset, S.J., Michael O Malley, S.J., Lawrence Palladino, S.J., Peter Paul Prando, S.J., Anthony Ravalli, S.J., Louis Taelman, S.J. 34 Reels.



This is an artificial collection created by historian William N. Bischoff, S.J., in the course of his career. He is especially noted for his study of the Yakima Indian Wars in the 1850s. Some of the same material may be found among the DAVIS MICROFILM COLLECTION.

Subject categories are alphabetically arranged as follows:
ABCFM (Harvard University); Archer Letters (Maryland Historical Society); G. Blanchet, Oregon Pioneer; William Coe Collection (Yale University); Cornelius Letters; Dellanoy copies (Seattle Diocese); George Derby (University of California); Garraghan photostats; Rodney Glisa; Haller correspondence and diary (University of California); Francis Heitman; Hous Hof und Stats Archive (Vienna); Hudson Bay Records (Beaver House, London); Hunt (University of Washington); Huntington Library; Indian Wars; Kip, Army Life; Layton Papers; Library of Congress, Nisqually Journal; McTavish Letters and Others (University of Washington); Miller Collection (Yale University); John Mullan Journal; Oregon Historical Society; Oregon Mounted Volunteers (Oregon Historical Society); Oregon Superintendant of Indian Affairs; Owen Journals; Nicholas Point Biography (Montreal); Portland (Archdiocesan Archives); Material from Reed College and Others; State Department Territorial Papers, RG 59 (National Archives); State Library, 1854-56 (Olympia, Washington); Isaac Stevens; War Records Division (National Archives); Victoria (British Columbia); Yakima Indian Wars; Yakima Pioneer Association; Yakima, St. Joseph s Mission and Attanum (Seattle Chancery); Yakima and Rogue Wars, Territorial Government Adjutant General s Records (Oregon State Archives. 110 Reels.


The Catholic Sentinel, which represents the Archdiocese of Portland, is the oldest of Northwest Catholic diocesan newspapers. 1870 - 1958, incomplete. 40 Reels.



This is an artificial collection created by historian William Lyle Davis, S.J., in the course of his career, particularly in the 1940s. He is especially noted for his study of Pierre DeSmet, S.J. Many elements of the Collection have been transcribed into typescript. Preparation of a more detailed inventory is planned. 219 Reels.


Oregon Province Novitiate and Juniorate Diaries, 1943-1966, and unidentified California Province Diaries, 1885-1967. 11 Reels.



Index of materials; Correspondence with Jesuits in the Northwest, 1841-1909. 11 Reels.



In 1947, four years before the Juneau Diocese was formally established, Oregon Province member Edward Doherty, S.J., microfilmed nearly all its early Correspondence files.

Materials are arranged by geographic location and by persons, as follows:
Akulurak; Anchorage; Cordova; Douglas; Fairbanks; Holy Cross; Hooper Bay; Juneau; Ketchikan; King Island; Kotzebue; Mountain Village; Nome; Nulato; Palmer; Pilgrim Springs; Pilot Station; St. Michael's; Seward; Sitka; Skagway; Tanana; Tununak; Valdez; Wrangell; Crimont, S.J.; Hubbard, S.J.; Deschout, S.J.; Janssen, S.J.; Turnell, S.J.; Elliott, S.J.; Woodley. 32 Reels.



Date Span unavailable. 18 Reels.



Correspondence with Jesuits in the Northwest; House Histories; Obituaries; Annual [Reports] Letters. 1832-1907. 6 Reels.