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Thank you for your interest in Gonzaga University!  Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the application process for international students entering as a freshman, transfer, or conditional admit: isss@gonzaga.edu

For students interested in applying for conditional admission to the University through Gonzaga’s ESL program, please complete the ESL application by clicking here

Application Checklist:

  • Complete the Common Application online at: www.commonapp.org
    To directly add Gonzaga to your “My Colleges” list on the Common Application click here.
  • $50 application fee (payable through www.commonapp.org)
  • Test Scores: Please submit any of the following -- TOEFL, IELTS, APIEL, SAT, or ACT 
  •          Admission Guidelines for test scores are as follows:
             * TOEFL score of at least 550 written / 213 computer / 80 IBT or
             * Score of 6.0 or better on the IELTS or
             * Score of 3 or better in the APIEL test or
             * SAT with Critical Reading and Math of at least 1070 or higher or 
             * Composite ACT score of no less than 23

             (Satisfactory completion of Gonzaga University’s English as a Second
             Language (ESL) Program will substitute for the required test scores)

    Students must achieve a 3.2 cumulative GPA, with junior year being no less than a 3.1 GPA, in a college preparatory curriculum that results in a high school diploma.  Guidelines for test scores are as follows: SAT Critical Reading plus Math should be 1070 or higher; ACT Composite should be 23 or higher.
  • Personal Essay and Activities List (found on the Common Application)
  • Official transcripts in English from all high schools, colleges, and universities attended
  • Common Application School Report
  • One Common Application Teacher Evaluation
  • Copy of Passport (emailed to admissions@gonzaga.edu)
  • Submit your materials online via the Common Application or send your application materials to:
    Gonzaga University
    Office of Admission
    502 E. Boone Avenue
    Spokane, WA 99258

For immigration purposes, please submit the following with your application (a completed application MUST include these materials):

  • Completed Financial Declaration OR an official Sponsorship Letter
  • Original bank statements which support the information provided on the Financial Declaration


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