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Meet our I-Ambassadors

Connect with a current international or U.S. student, and find out more about what it's like to be a student at Gonzaga! Email and ask away! You can also connect with the I-Ambassadors on Facebook.

Sofia, from Denver, CO.


Undergraduate, Class of 2014
Majors: International Relations, French

Sofia is a Mexican-American student who grew up in Colorado. She is particularly fond of the community of faculty and students she has discovered at Gonzaga, and she wants to be a part of your community!

Sofia travelled to Paris as a junior, and has been involved with many departments on campus, including Crosby Student Center, CCASL (particularly for Mission Possible), Christian Life Communities, Intramurals and more.

After she graduates, Sofia in interested in post-graduate service, unless she goes abroad to teach English before attending graduate school.

Something interesting about Sofia: She speaks Spanish!

Sofia’s advice to incoming international students: “As hard and scary as it is to step out of your comfort zones, I would advise you to speak to students outside of your program and go to activities like games or dances”


Yusra, from Seattle, WA.


Undergraduate, Class of 2016
Major: Business Management Information Systems

Yusra is a Pakistani-American who grew up in Seattle, WA. She enjoys Gonzaga’s small classes and the helpfulness of her professors. She also loves the school spirit and can’t wait to show you around Spokane. Yusra is also involved with the Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Programm.

After graduation, Yusra hopes to work for a major software company before obtaining her MBA.

Something interesting about Yusra: She has never seen a Disney movie!

Yusra’s advice to incoming international students: “A lot of students are nervous, which is perfectly normal. However, don’t let those nerves stop you from experiencing new things. Many times I don’t see international students branching out and talking with non-international students. It is hard, but remember we all were in your shoes and didn’t know anyone when we were freshmen. I know students here love meeting new people. Take advantage of their friendly hospitality and introduce yourselves and get to know the students; you will be able to use them as a resource later if you need them.


Linh, from Hanoi, Vietnam


Undergraduate, Class of 2014
Majors: Marketing, Management Information Systems
Minor: Art

Linh is an international student from Vietnam. What she loves most about Gonzaga is that it allows her to live out its motto, be inspired. In addition, she loves studying on campus, particularly using the outdoors tables behind College Hall. Linh has been very involved with clubs on campus, such as International Students Union, Filipino American Student Union and Japanese Club.

After graduation, Linh hopes to find a job in the Northwest of the US and save money for graduate studies.

Something interesting about Linh: You’ll have to ask her!

Linh’s advice to incoming international students: “Don’t be afraid to be who you are, don’t be shy to show who you are and don’t hesitate to open yourself to people around you.” 


Anna, from Vancouver, WA.


Undergraduate, Class of 2014
Major: Spanish
Minors: Art & International Studies

Anna was born in Florida but lived most of her live in Vancouver, WA. She has enjoyed learning Spanish at Gonzaga, particularly as part of her Study Abroad experience to Mexico. She also loves the family-like community on campus. Anna is otherwise very involved with CCASL initiatives, such as Campus Kids, Block Kids and Residence Life as a Residence Assistant.

When she graduates, Anna hopes to obtain a TESOL certification to teach English abroad.

Something interesting about Anna:  She loves sloths!

Anna’s advice to incoming international students: “I know that coming t such a new place is scary, but try to involve yourself as much as you can. The students of Gonzaga are super friendly and would love to get to know you.


Yi, from Guangdong, China.


Undergraduate, Class of 2014
Majors: Journalism and Public Relations

Yi is an international student who has enjoyed the scenic Gonzaga campus and the welcoming attitude of the Zags she has met. Yi has learned a lot working at the Bulletin and meeting professionals in her field and has had fun in her yoga and rock climbing classes. Yi was also involved with the Chinese Club, the International Students Union and the Public Relations Student Society of America. She is also currently working in the English Language Center (ELC) and planning activities with and for ESL students.

When she graduates, Yi wants to work with international students because she enjoys being surrounded people from around the world.

Something interesting about Yi: She loves outdoors activities!

Yi’s advice to incoming international students: “Bring your smile to campus and make friends with everyone!”


Mariel, from Washington state and Mexico.


Undergraduate, Class of 2014
Majors: Psychology, International Relations, Spanish

Mariel loves that Gonzaga was able to help her create a unique education that fits her interests. She has been challenged in her education through education that has been both academic and practical. All this fits well into the Jesuit approach to education that emphasizes mind, body and spirit. Mariel has been involved with the clubs La Raza Latina, She’s the first and Knights & Setons, the Multicultural Honor Society, and CCASL opportunities.

After graduation, Mariel wants to teach English and learn Portuguese in Brazil, and then continue her education with a Master’s degree in global health and nutrition.

Something interesting about Mariel: At 21, she has already traveled to 14 countries!

Mariel’s advice to incoming international students: “Be open minded and try as many people, activities and things as they can while being on campus. Use the resources offered from Schoenberg and don't be shy when practicing the language. Also, go out and explore and meet new people other than the International Students.


Ceilan, from Spokane, WA.


Undergraduate, Class of 2014
Majors: English (writing concentration), French

Ceilan was born in Spain and grew up (mostly) in Spokane, so she knows all about the city. Ceilan is amazed, semester after semester, by the faculty and students she meets, and loves the challenge of reading with an academic lens. Ceilan has been involved with the International Students Union and the University Choir and studied abroad in Paris as a Junior.

Her Bachelor’s in hand, Ceilan plans to move to England to obtain a Master’s in linguistics of critical theory.

Something interesting about Ceilan: She has lived in five countries and is a citizen of four! Plus she can write cursive backwards…

Ceilan’s advice to incoming international students: “Do everything you can to get involved on campus: your dorm activities, campus-wide activities and class projects are all great ways to meet people, even if the activities themselves seem dorky! I met my best friends in my dorm because they were walking around the hall and introducing themselves. It’s hard, but you can meet a lot of people by pushing yourself to be social


Tatiana, From Buena Park, California


Undergraduate, Class of 2016
Majors: International Relations and Economics

Tatiana is currently learning Arabic. She is involved with the Model United Nations Club. She is the Campus Awareness for Multi -Cultural Opportunities Chair in GSBA. Tatiana loves to swim and play intramural soccer. She loves trying food from different cultures and aspires to travel in the near future.

After graduation, Tatiana plans to apply for the Masters International program through the Peace Corps for global policy and diplomacy.

Something interesting about Tatiana: She has been doing Tahitian dancing since she was 11 years old.

Tatiana’s advice to incoming international students: “Reach out and explore Gonzaga outside of the Schoenberg center. Don’t be afraid to practices your English with domestic student, they are more than willing to help you out. Welcome to Gonzaga and have fun!”


Drew, from West Hartford, Connecticut.


Graduate Student: Masters of Teaching (Secondary Education)

Drew is Italian-American and in his 6th year at Gonzaga. In 2012, he graduated with a degree in History and Italian Studies. Drew worked for 3 years as a guide in the Gonzaga Outdoors office and still loves to be outside. He has also been involved with the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee club team during his entire time at Gonzaga and still plays and travels with the team. Drew has also studied abroad twice while at Gonzaga, in both Italy and Mexico, and speaks both Italian and Spanish.

After graduation this spring, Drew wants to travel to Argentina to teach English as a second language. He also hopes to move back to Italy eventually and live a significant part of his life there.

Something interesting about Drew: He is the last living member of his family that still speaks the Italian language!

Drew’s advice to incoming international students: “Your experience here at Gonzaga isn’t defined by the number of American friends you have but rather by the quality of your friendships with American students. Get to know a few people really well and you will have the experience you imagined before setting foot in the United States.


Chau, from NhaTrang, Vietnam.


Class of 2015
Majors: International Business, Finance

Chau is an international student from Vietnam. She chose Gonzaga University because of the school’s commitment to provide students positive connection with the instructors and interactive experiences in academic and professional careers! She now loves the college even more for its varieties of activities students can get involved in.

Chau transferred from a community college in Seattle. She has enjoyed very much the differences between the two colleges and cities that she has been to. Thorough her academic years, she has been actively involved with activities on and off campus. Here at Gonzaga, Chau is member of She’s The First Club, ISU and Japanese Club.

After she graduates, Chau is interested in working for an international firm and potentially preparing to pursue a graduate degree in Business Administration.

Something interesting about Chau: I love coffee and anything coffee related such as coffee flavored ice-cream and coffee themed decor.

Chau’s advice to incoming international students: “Stay connected with current students. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and ask for help.


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