Automated Thermocouple

ME 3 Team: Melissa Ripper, Elizabeth Kuhn, Patrick Sherry
Advisor: Mark Lewis
Liaison: Mark Lentz

The ME-03 team designed a safe solution to effectively extract Thermocouples (TCs) at approximately 2000°F from the furnaces at Goodrich Corporation. The previous method of extraction involved workers pulling the TCs from the furnaces by hand and spreading the eight TCs across nearby floor space to cool. The ME-03 team designed, manufactured, and tested a device that eliminates human contact with the TCs and safely stores the TCs as they cool. The device spools up the TCs on a large pipe spun by a hand crank.

The operator simply attaches the cold end of two TCs to the spool and cranks until the hot TCs are contained completely within the device for four cycles. The assembly shelters TCs with a solid sheet metal shell. This device has increased safety, as well as maintaining an efficient, easy extraction process. The device is made from mild steel parts keeping the cost low.

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