Kootenai Medical

Kootenair Medical Team  

CE4 Team:

Mike Grengs, Casey Whitener,

James Bronder, Sam Acosta    

Advisor:  DeAnn Arnholtz 

Liaison:  Dave Peden

Sponsor:  Coffman Engineers

Project Description:    This project involves the design of a support services building, which will serve the medical assistance staff of the Kootenai Medical Center. The building will comprise of three floors of office space with a basement for storage.  All pertinent design criteria dictated by the City of Coeur d'Alene, the International Building Code 2006 (IBC) and ASCE 7-05 were incorporated. 

The design team evaluated the appropriate dead, live, and environmental loads associated with the structure.  The team utilized the architect's drawings to design a  suitable structural system with the aid of various design manuals and computer analysis programs. The structural scheme includes a roof framing system, beams, columns, lateral force resisting systems, and a foundation. Calculations were furnished for selected members and structural elements to meet all design requirements and criteria.  A final report documenting materials, design specifications, AutoCAD drawings, and estimated costs has been submitted by the design team.