One of the joys of working in the schools with cooperating teachers and students is the positive feedback that our professional candidates receive on their teaching abilities, relationships with students, and enthusiasm.

We thought you might enjoy some quotes from our "Gonzaga Connection" teachers and Principals at Arlington Elementary as they reflected on the impact our Field Experience students had on their building and students.

"She was self-motivated and helped without being asked."

"They have shared experiences with my students about themselves. They have reinforced' life-long' learning.' Their lessons have been meaningful."

"Great one on one help. Good relationships."

"They are great and the kids and I love them. They have really taken the time to learn the kids' names and help them in lots of ways. The kids ask about them every day they are not there. They have really connected with the kids and me."

"Wonderful. My student showed a lot of initiative and skill when working with students."

"Wow! Super! They look forward to the time they spend in our classroom and they have 'super-bonded'.

"The Gonzaga students have really helped out with one on one assistance."

"Wonderful! Goes the extra mile. Very responsible, takes initiative. Very personable with students and staff."

"Great! Kids love them. It's wonderful for me to have the extra adults and enthusiasm in the room."

"Fantastic! They read individually with students and encourage comprehension strategies with their questions. They also ask students to make connections with texts they are reading. I look forward to Wednesdays and Fridays!"

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