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PSIA at Gonzaga
PSIA/AASI Background

The Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) was incorporated in the fall of 1961 and by 1964 had published The Official American Ski Technique to introduce American skiing and teaching to the rest of the world. As time moved on, it evolved through The American Teaching Method (ATM) to what it is currently called The American Teaching System (ATS). Other snowsports and specific teaching focuses such as Nordic, Snowboarding, Adaptive, and Children's have been incorporated into the PSIA organization. Snowboarding became so popular that it formed its own association under the umbrella of PSIA called the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI).

PSIA and AASI are nonprofit organizations dedicated to promoting mountain snowsports and outdoor recreation. As a member of PSIA-AASI, you have distinguished yourself as an individual with a commitment to pursue excellence in the teaching of snowsports.

Nine geographic regions represent the associations across the United States. These regional divisions operate autonomously, handling membership registration, training, examinations, and certification. They also keep their members informed about important national association updates and events. You can be a part of PSIA-AASI on several different levels. Registered members are those who have completed a training program offered by their ski school and paid a fee to PSIA-AASI.

AASI at Gonzaga
Earning Gonzaga University Credit

Through an ongoing agreement with Gonzaga University, PSIA/AASI members may earn college credit and/or professional development credits for passing certification exams and preparation clinics.

The tuition for either undergraduate or graduate credits is for 1-3 semester credits. Undergraduate and graduate credit will be offered at a reduced tuition rate to those who choose this option. School teachers or others requiring professional development workshop credits may obtain one credit for attending an exam preparation clinic (1 credit per clinic) and also for passing any PSIA/AASI level of certification (3 credits).Undergraduate and graduate credits are issued through Gonzaga University and are transferable to other academic institutions.

PSIA/AASI Certification Schedules and Costs

Schedules of events and exams are posted on the PSIA and AASI websites. PSIA and AASI have a schedule of fees that determine the costs associated with the different certification exams.Tuition for Gonzaga University credit is in addition to the PSIA/AASI fees.  Please see their websites at or /

Additional Information

For additional questions on the requirements and to apply (register) for credit, members should contact Dr. Jon Sunderland, or 800-533-2554 x3475.

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