Requirements for Undergraduate Credit - For Non-GU Students

PSIA snowboarding instructor workshopUndergraduate:

  1. Fill out the Undergraduate Registration Form.
    1. Registration is for; FALL, SPRING or SUMMER.
    2. Course Information:
    3. Subject: EDPE
      Course #: 496D
      Section #: 01
      Course Title: PSIA
      Credits: 1-3
  1. Return the following materials to Gonzaga University:
    1. All completed forms.
    2. Tuition payment made out to Gonzaga University (There is a reduced tuition fee for all undergraduate and graduate students taking the course. The fee will be based on the current year’s tuition rates).
    3. Verification of successful completion of PSIA Certification exam.
    4. Completed Gonzaga University evaluation form.
    5. Completed academic written requirements and evaluations.

  2. Written requirements for undergraduate credit - for everyone

    Please submit a paper addressing the following questions.
    1. How did the material over which you were tested relate to the preparation clinics and/or informal instruction you received in preparation for the exam?
    2. How professional was the process you went through in taking the exam?
    3. Did preparation for and taking the PSIA Exam increase your teaching skills?
    4. Did preparation for and taking the PSIA Exam increase your skiing skills?

    Send all materials to:
    Dr. Jon Sunderland,
    Gonzaga University
    502 East Boone, AD 25
    Spokane WA 99258

    If you have any questions concerning the forms, and/or assignments please call Dr. Sunderland at 1-800-533-2554 ext 3475 or (509) 313-3475.
714 E. Boone Ave.
AD Box 25
Spokane, WA 99258
Phone: (509) 313-3499
Fax: (509) 313-3482

Dr. Jon Sunderland
800-533-2554 x3475