Study Abroad

Director: Richard D. Menard
Tel: 509.313.3549

Go Abroad ZAGS! Spend a year, semester, or summer abroad and be inspired by the people, cultures, languages, and histories of places around the globe.

Why study abroad?

Gonzaga University encourages students to enhance their undergraduate program with a summer, semester, or academic year of international study. Studying outside of the United States allows students to immerse themselves in other cultures and better appreciate the diversity of peoples throughout the world. In this unique learning environment, students often develop proficiency in other languages, become familiar with new customs and beliefs, and gain access to great historical monuments and works of art. While abroad, students also have the opportunity to reflect upon the United States and its traditions from a new perspective. Students return transformed.

Studying abroad is highly regarded by both educators and employers and is seen as a strong indication of intellectual curiosity and emotional maturity. Students who acquire foreign language proficiency are especially esteemed and sought after by graduate schools, businesses, and organizations of all kinds. Gonzaga University offers a variety of study abroad opportunities for qualified students. See GU sponsored program listings below.

Application & Eligibility

All students studying abroad must process their application through the GU Study Abroad office, regardless of which type of program is selected (sponsored or non-sponsored). Approval is based on recommendations, Student Life clearance, as well as the program’s grade point average requirement.