English Language Center

Chair of ESL: Heidi Doolittle
Director of MA/TESL: James Hunter
Associate Professor: J. Hunter, M. Jeannot
Assistant Professors: R. Harris, M. Runyan, M. Savage
Lecturers: J. Akins, B. Arciszewska-Russo, H. Doolittle, B. Green, J. Sevedge

Since 1978, the University’s English Language Center (ELC) has addressed the needs of students whose native language is not English. In that time, Gonzaga’s ELC has served nearly 10,000 students from other countries, introducing them to higher education in the United States, and providing Gonzaga’s American students with the opportunity to meet, live with and exchange ideas with the young people from over seventy nations who have made up the ELC student population.

Instructional policies and program guidelines of the Gonzaga University ELC are in accordance with the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA), the national professional organization in this field, which approved Gonzaga ELC accreditation in 2002 and ten-year reaccreditation in 2008.

The ELC, with a faculty of ten full-time instructors, offers year-round intensive classes in ten levels of instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL). These courses are designed to meet the needs of foreign students seeking undergraduate and graduate admission to Gonzaga, as well as to assist international professionals in improving their English language ability. In addition to the academic ESL Program, the ELC offers special short-term language programs for contracted groups of students and foreign visitors during the spring and summer sessions.

Applications and inquiries for the ELC may be directed to the International Student Programs Office (Please see the International Student Program section of this catalogue). While admission to the intensive language program does not in itself imply admission to the regular degree programs of the University, satisfactory completion of the program fulfills the English language proficiency requirement for admission to regular programs of study. Students wishing to learn English for their own personal or professional reasons are also welcome to apply for admission to the ELC.

In 1998, the ELC also initiated a Master’s degree program in Teaching English as a Second Language (MA/TESL). Certain cross listed courses taught in the Teaching English as a Second Language program also fulfill the requirements necessary for a Washington State ELL endorsement. The student population of the ESL Program serves as a site for practica in MA/TESL and ELL endorsement, and ESL faculty members also teach in the graduate program. Please also see the Gonzaga University Graduate Catalogue for details of the program.

The English Language Center offers a bridge course, UNIV 109, for first-term Gonzaga University international students who are not native speakers of English. The purpose of this course is to prepare students for ENGL 101 and to better prepare non-native English speaking students for successful University study.

The following students are automatically exempted from taking the writing test:

  1. 1) Those having achieved a score of 600 or higher on the TOEFL examination;
  2. 2) Those holding a Bachelor’s degree from an institution whose primary language of instruction is English and;
  3. 3) Those who have completed a standard English composition course (e.g., ENGL 101) with a grade of “B” or better in a post-secondary U.S. institution of higher learning.

Unless exempt (see above), all non-native speakers of English entering matriculate undergraduate programs at Gonzaga University are required to complete UNIV 109 with a grade of “B” or higher. This includes post-baccalaureate registrants and second Bachelors degree candidates.

Matriculating Gonzaga students may receive three course credits each for UNIV 109, the combination of ELCT 105 and ELCT 106, and/or the combination of ELCT 107 and ELCT 108 upon petition (maximum nine credits). These credits are only elective credits and while not satisfying any University core, major, minor or concentration requirement, may be used as three credits toward the total of the 128 semester credits required to graduate.

ELL K-12 Endorsement

In conjunction with Gonzaga’s School of Education, the MA/TESL Program also offers a 15 Credit ELL endorsement which consists of a combination of the asterisked courses shown above. In consultation with an advisor, the K-12 teacher candidate will design a hands-on course of study that examines the following:

  • Contexts and orientations for TESOL and bilingual education
  • An introduction to fundamental concepts of first and second language acquisition
  • Ideas for teaching language through content and developing materials for the content-based classrooms
  • Strategies for working with English language learners in classrooms
  • Cross-cultural training for working with diverse populations
  • Strategies for incorporating state standards into instruction and assessment for English language learners