Comprehensive Leadership Program

Director: Josh P. Armstrong, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator: Katie Blackburn, M.Ed

The Comprehensive Leadership Program (CLP) at Gonzaga University is a program designed to offer students curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities to develop knowledge and skills for leadership. The CLP fosters the development of men and women who lead for the common good. The program offers a unique scholarly environment that provides transformational and reflective student experiences focused on three dimensions: self-awareness, relationships with others, and community action for the common good. Students participate in this undergraduate leadership studies program in conjunction with the major they have chosen.

The courses and activities are organized around three distinct dimensions:
Leadership in the Context of Self-Identity: Construction of a personal definition of leadership on the basis of knowledge of self, exploration of lives of leaders and the acquisition of concepts in formal academic leadership theory.
Leadership as Relationship: Development of knowledge and skills in key leadership areas including empathy, cross-cultural communication, influence and conflict resolution.
Leadership for the Common Good:
Building upon a foundation of leadership and service, this theme involves options such as mentoring opportunities, community and campus-based servant leadership activities and academic coursework.

The CLP consists of a set of six academic courses and a series of co-curricular leadership opportunities. First-year students are invited to apply to the CLP in the fall of their freshman year, with approximately forty students admitted into the program within a given academic year. The introductory course, LDRS 220, begins in the spring semester of the freshman year with students taking one course per term through their senior year. In addition to the coursework below, CLP students participate in a variety of co-curricular activities designed to complement the classroom leadership experience. These include:, Annual Leadership Seminar (fall), Annual Two-Day Leadership Retreat (spring), CLP Spring Break Service and Immersion Trip, Coughlin Hall Leadership Living/Learning Community, Zambia Servant-Leadership Summer course, Senior Legacy Projects, and Leadership Internship program. To fulfill the CLP requirements, a student must complete the following courses:

  • LDRS 220 Introduction to Leadership
  • LDRS 320 Theories in Leadership
  • LDRS 321 Dynamics of Leadership
  • LDRS 330 Profiles in Leadership
  • LDRS 489 Leadership Electives or Internship
  • LDRS 440 Servant Leadership