Transmission and Distribution Program

Director: Peter McKenny

Assistant Director: Jilliene McKinstry

Master of Engineering - Transmission & Distribution Engineering

Gonzaga University's School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) offers an on-line Master of Engineering degree and a Graduate Certificate in Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Engineering. All courses are offered on-line over an eight week period by industry experts and Gonzaga University faculty. Students may register and take courses from anywhere in the world and have immediate access to high quality instruction from industry leaders.


Admission to the program will be administered by faculty and staff of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. For the M.E. degree, an undergraduate degree in engineering (or related field), two letters of recommendation (preferably from immediate managers or supervisors in a power-related industry), and a letter of intent expressing the student's qualifications, professional goals, and employment experience will be required to enter the program. Preferred consideration for admission will be given to applications with industry experience that have completed the T&D Certificate Program.

Admission Checklist:

  • Letter of intent
  • Transcripts of all relevant university coursework.  Only degrees and courses from a regionally accredited institution will be accepted.
  • GRE test score (waived for those with a T&D Certificate or current PE license)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Application form submitted
  • Application fee
  • Professional Resume


B.S. Degree in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical or other related engineering field.  Employment in electric utility or related industry recommended.

Course Requirements:

Thirty-six (36) credits total:

  • 33 in T&D courses, Students may substitute six credits from per-approved graduate courses.
  • TADP 556 Capstone - 3 credits.

Degree Requirements:

The Master of Engineering in T&D Engineering is a 36-credit hour degree program. Students are required to complete a total of 12 three credit courses - three core (from the student's chosen track of transmission or distribution); and seven from the remaining selection of T&D Program courses, (must include the TADP 556 capstone course). The final six credits may be from the T&D program, approved courses from GU's business or organizational leadership programs, or approved graduate courses from other universities. Once admitted to the T&D degree program students will be given six years to complete their degree.

To receive an M.E. Degree in T&D engineering, the student must have an average cumulative grade point of 3.0 or higher in the T&D program. Prior to being awarded the degree, each student is required to participate in the two-day, weekend campus visit associated with the engineering leadership capstone course. A portfolio of final projects is required for graduation. The portfolio consists of final projects from three courses (students must choose a transmission or distribution track) and the strategic plan from the capstone course as a culminating project.

Requirements for completion and award of the degree are as follows:

  36 credits of coursework including:

  • A cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in the program
  • Nine credits of core courses (transmission or distribution Track)
  • Eighteen credits of elective T&D program courses
  • Six credits of other T&D graduate courses or approved business or organizational leadership courses
  • TADP 556 Engineering Leadership Capstone course
  • A portfolio of final projects from three core courses is required as the culminating project