Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

Director: Christopher E. Stevens, Ph.D.

The Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program is a four-year undergraduate concentration founded on the Jesuit educational philosophy of educating the whole person.  Its purpose is to prepare students to create new ventures that make a positive difference in society.  This student-centered program is designed for promising individuals who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, creativity, and a commitment to serve others.  The Hogan program embraces students from all academic majors, tailoring the entrepreneurial curriculum and co-curriculum to complement the students’ major fields of study, and providing them with the concepts, tools, and experiences to responsibly create successful new commercial and social enterprises.

Four features distinguish the program:

  1. An honors program model that attracts outstanding students.
  2. A rigorous concentration that can be combined with any major.
  3. An immersive combination of coursework and co-curricular activities.
  4. A foundation of Jesuit educational ideals of ethical leadership and commitment to the common good.

Approximately 25 students per year are admitted to the program, based on their entrance exam scores, grade point average, and demonstrated leadership, creativity, and service to others.  More information on the Hogan Program and the application process can be found at www.gonzaga.edu/entrepreneur


Students in the Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program complete the requirements for a concentration in entrepreneurial leadership as well as the University and college core curricula relevant to their major. The Hogan Program curriculum is designed flexibly so that students with any major can graduate in four years.

In addition to the course work below, entrepreneurial leadership students participate in a variety of co-curricular activities introducing them to entrepreneurial organizations, leaders, and practices. These activities include regular lectures by entrepreneurs, site visits, internships, mentor relationships, New Venture Lab, and business plan competitions. Students are required to participate in these co-curricular activities and events.

The following course requirements for the Entrepreneurial Leadership concentration amount to 20 credit hours for business administration majors (in addition to business core courses) and 26 credit hours for all othermajors.

First Year
ENTR 101 The World of Entrepreneurship 2 credits
One of the following three courses *
    ECON 200 Economic Analysis (for non-business majors)
    ECON 201 Microeconomics (for any major)
    ECON 270H Honors Economics (for any major)
3 credits
* These credits count towards core social science requirements for Arts and Sciences majors. Can be taken in second year if necessary.
Second Year
ENTR 201 Social Entrepreneurship 2 credits
ACCT 263 Accounting Analysis* 3 credits
*Business majors must take ACCT 260 Principles of Accounting I (3 credits) and ACCT 261 Principles of Accounting II (3 credits)
Third Year
ENTR 490 New Venture Creation 5 credits
ENTR 497 Internship 0-3 credits
Fourth Year
ENTR 494 Incubation Project 5 credits
ENTR 498 Entrepreneurial Leadership 3 credits