Gonzaga Numbers and Facts

Gonzaga's Official Address 502 E. Boone
Spokane, WA 99258-0087
Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) Thayne M. McCulloh, PhD
Financial Officer Charles J. Murphy
DUNS Number 079265732
EIN Number 91-0236600
Uniform Business Identifier (UBI) 328-008-839
Federal Wide Assurance Number (IRB) FWA00009079
Congressional District WA-005
Legislative District 3rd
Indirect Cost Cognizant Agency DHHS, 23 April 2014
Provisional Indirect Rate 29% of Modified Total Direct Costs
Predetermined Indirect Rate 29% of Modified Total Direct Costs
Fringe Rate, Faculty (Academic Year); Full-time Employee        25% - verify current rate
Fringe Rate Faculty (Summer); Half-time Employee 17% - verify current rate
Fringe Rate, Student (Academic Year) 1%
Fringe Rate Student (Summer) 8%
Fringe Rate Adj. Faculty (Academic Year, Summer)  10% - verify current rate
Last update: 15 April 2015