Freshman Registration at Gonzaga University

Welcome to Gonzaga University, class of 2018!

The advisors in the Office of Academic Advising & Assistance (AAA) are so excited to work with you this summer and throughout your Gonzaga career.  Our mission is to support students in their pursuit for academic success. This journey begins with your acceptance and confirmation to attend Gonzaga. You've committed to us, now it's our turn to show this same level of investment in you through your first semester course registration.

You will be registered for your first-semester by advisors in the AAA office over the summer.  This process can be broken down into 6 steps:
  • Step 1: Start exploring the many academic majors Gonzaga has to offer. This is the self-informative stage of the registration process. We want you to investigate the programs Gonzaga has to offer so when it comes time for further involvement, you can make good informed decisions.   If you are Undecided, that's OK!  Most college students will change their major at some point in the course of their studies, and many start as undeclared.  We are here to listen and support you, and help guide you on the major declaration process.  Please contact us and ask to speak to an advisor today.
  • Step 2: There's more to a Gonzaga degree than a major!  Learn more about our University and School/College core.  
  • Step 3: Tell us what you want to study.  In May, you will be asked to complete the online Academic Interest Survey.  This survey is your opportunity to tell us what your academic interests are, as well as answer placement questions regarding foreign language, mathematics and English.  If you know what you want to study now, feel free to complete this survey.  It is linked on the left hand side of this webpage.
  • Step 4: In June and July, using the information you provided, together with your academic history and profile, we schedule you for your first semester courses.  We have been in close communication with Academic Deans and Departments throughout the spring in preparation for your arrival, and are well-versed in the requirements of any Gonzaga major/minor/program.  After all, we are academic advisors, which makes knowing curriculum inside and out, our specialty.
  • Step 5: Your schedule is complete and ready to view August 1st.  We will notify you via email.  Once you have your schedule, use our tips and tools (delivered in that mailing) to learn more about your classes, your major, and your college/school.
  • Step 6: Don't like what you see on your schedule?  That's ok - we won't take it personally!  Everything we register you for will count towards your Gonzaga degree, but we understand your interests may have changed since completing the survey.  We will work with you through the month of August at specified Schedule Change sessions where you can work one-on-one with an advisor to talk about your schedule and make any changes necessary or possible.  To learn more about the Schedule Change process, including specific dates/times, please click here.

More information regarding registration is coming, so please keep checking your Zagmail accounts. If you have questions, please ask!  You can call us (800.965.9223) or send us an email (

Another great way to stay informed, and get connected with other GU students, is to join Gonzaga University on Facebook, GU's App for updates and important information.  

Best of luck to you in the completion of your senior year!  We look forward to working with you over the next few months as you start your academic Gonzaga journey.

The Office of Academic Advising & Assistance

Gonzaga University