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Students who aspire to serve others by pursuing careers in the health sciences must demonstrate a strong passion and understanding for the sciences. Given the rigors and demands of the profession, health science students must make a lifelong commitment to learning and refining their skills.

In the Jesuit tradition, health science studies at Gonzaga sharpen the mind and inspire the heart. Through the pre-professional health science “tracks” and the University Core curriculum, students receive a strong background in science and the comprehensive liberal arts education necessary to continue their studies and earn advanced degrees. At the same time, they also develop a philosophical and humanitarian perspective to address social and ethical issues. Students realize their passion fully when they earn a degree in Medicine, Dentistry, or Veterinary Medicine and put that degree to work.

Gonzaga students seeking entrance into professional health programs can major in many areas, although the majority of students are Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry students.  That said, each year students majoring in other disciplines also work with the Health Science Careers Committee at Gonzaga as they complete professional school requirements as outlined below.

  • 1 semester of general chemistry & 1 semester of bioanalytical chemistry
  • 1 year of organic chemistry
  • 3-4 semesters of biology (Biochemistry is strongly recommended and may soon be required by many medical schools)
  • 1 semester each of introductory sociology and psychology
  • 1 year of general physics
  • 1 year of English (a semester each of composition and literature)
  • 1 semester of calculus or statistics (math requirements vary widely among graduate and professional programs)
Please visit the Health Science website for specific details on the Gonzaga Health Science Careers Committee's process to prepare Gonzaga Students for professional schools.

Students Seeking Post-Baccalaureate Studies to Prepare for Health Science Professional Schools:

Most professional programs in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine require similar undergraduate math and science courses as prerequisites.  Completing the minimum requirements listed above will take 2 to 2 ½ years at Gonzaga University due to prerequisites and sequencing. However, it is your responsibility to check the admissions requirements at all of the institutions you are considering for professional education. 

If you hold a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than Biology or Chemistry, or it has been quite some time since you earned your science degree, you will likely need to begin your coursework at Gonzaga with BIOL 105 and CHEM 101, plus laboratories.

If you have had some of the coursework listed above from another institution, and the course is a prerequisite for another course on the list, you will need to check with the appropriate department(s) to see if the course is considered equivalent.
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