GEL Host Registration
Host Registration

GEL Host Registration


Open Your Doors for  Admitted Students @ GEL Weekend 2015

Gonzaga Experience Live, affectionately referred to as "GEL Weekend," is an annual preview event for high school seniors who have earned acceptance to the University. The weekend gives prospective students and their families the opportunity to experience the best that Gonzaga and Spokane have to offer, including our academic programs, community, and University mission. Student participants spend Saturday night in the residence halls with GU student hosts, and that's where we need your help! Here's what being an effective host entails:


  • Complete the online registration form and submit a signed Host Agreement to the Office of Admission.
  • Passing a standard University conduct clearance (similar to studying abroad)
  • Attend each of the 2 mandatory GEL Host training sessions. These meetings are brief, but are also very important:

  • The Facts:

    Meeting 1: Wednesday, March 18
    Review host guidelines and expectations

    March 18: 2 pm or 8 pm
    Location: Wolff Auditorium

    The Pairings:

    Meeting 2: Monday, April 13 or Tuesday, April 14
    Stop by our table and pick up the name and contact information
    for your student participant/s between 11 am an 1 pm

    Monday, April 13: 11-1 pm or Tuesday, April 14: 11-1 pm
    Location: BARC

Weekend Responsibilities: Saturday, April 18- Sunday, April 19

  • Greet your assigned Student(s) in the Quad at 5:00 p.m. It is helpful to arrive early and prepare a LARGE sign to help your student find you.
  • Share Saturday dinner and Sunday brunch at the COG (meals for the GEL Students are free with their GEL wristband).
  • Help our visitors fully explore campus and get a glimpse at Gonzaga Student Life by participating in the GEL Weekend activities.
  • Pick up your FREE GEL t-shirt with your GEL Student on Sunday morning and escort your student to their scheduled shuttle departure (St. Ignatius statue). Most students leave campus between 9:00am-3:00pm on April 19.

    We expect all of our Gonzaga Hosts to adhere to campus policies as outlined in the Student Handbook and trust that Hosts will serve as positive ambassadors of the Gonzaga Community for the duration of the weekend; remember, many GEL Students have not yet committed to Gonzaga and their interactions with Hosts will have significant impact on their decision to enroll as members of the class of 2019.

***Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications from students living off campus, in Corkery, or Kennedy Apartments.***
**Current GU students living in Marion will be paired with "Day-Only" GEL students as GEL students must remain on campus.**