SWS Evaluation Form

SWS Evaluation Form

The Purpose: The State Work Study Supervisor review process has three purposes:
  1. Facilitate communication between State Work Study students and the Office of Student Employment as to gain a better understanding of your SWS employment experience.

  2. Provide constructive feedback as to whether or not your position betters the State Work Study Program.

  3. Give you the opportunity to voice any comments of praise and/or concern regarding your SWS employment experience.

Do I Have to Complete This Form?

It is not mandatory you complete this form. However, we encourage your participation.Completing this evaluation form gives YOU the opportunity to help shape the environment you work in. This process will tell our office if your SWS job is enhancing your professional development as well as the SWS program here at Gonzaga University.

Will My Supervisor Know if I Say Something Negative?

Depending on the comment(s), our office may have to contact your supervisor. However, our office will contact you before contacting your supervisor. If you have concerns about this, please contact Student Employment so we can alleviate your worries.

The Evaluation Form Begins Here: (SA=strongly agree, A=agree, U=undecided, D=disagree, SD=strongly disagree)
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First Name:
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Student ID Number:
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SWS Company Name:
SWS Supervisor Name:
Training SA A U D SD
My SWS supervisor discussed company policies and procedures.
My SWS supervisor discussed my job description.
My SWS supervisor informed me of his/her job expectations.
My SWS supervisor trained me on my job duties.
Professionalism SA A U D SD
My SWS supervisor treats all members of the organization in a fair manner.
My SWS supervisor is approachable.
My SWS supervisor supervises the work I do.
My SWS supervisor handles stress/pressure well.
Communication SA A U D SD
My SWS supervisor is accessible for discussion during my work day.
My SWS supervisor provides constructive feedback.
My SWS supervisor is able to communicate in a clear and effective manner.
Schedule SA A U D SD
My SWS supervisor organizes my work schedule around my classes.
I am happy with the number of hours per week I work.
My SWS supervisor adheres to the 19 hours per week maximum SWS hours.
SWS Timesheets SA A U D SD
My SWS supervisor monitors my SWS award amount.
My SWS supervisor and I have a system for completing SWS timesheets.
My SWS supervisor and I have a system for sending in timesheets to Gonzaga.
I receive timely paychecks from my employer.
Overall SWS Experience SA A U D SD
I would recommend my SWS position to my friends.
My SWS position has supported my academic major.
I would feel comfortable asking my supervisor for a recommendation letter.
The SWS job description on file in Student Employment matched the job duties I performed.