On-campus Supervisor Evaluation
SWS Evaluation Form

On-campus Supervisor Evaluation

On-campus Supervisor Evaluation

The Purpose: The On-campus Supervisor Evaluation process has three purposes.
  1. Facilitate communication between students working on campus and the Student Employment Office.
  2. Provide constructive feedback regarding students' job experiences.
  3. Give students the opportunity to voice any comments of praise and/or concern regarding their employment experience in a confidential way.
Will My Supervisor Know What I am Saying?

This evaluation form comes directly to the Student Employment Office. Depending on your comments, this office may choose to contact you for further clarification. If the department would benefit from knowing certain elements of your evaluation, you will be asked for permission to share that information.

Please use the Comments Section below to more fully answer the following questions, or to provide information you feel is vital to understanding your job experience. Thank you!

The Evaluation Form Begins Here: (SA=strongly agree, A-agree, U=undecided, D=disagree)
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Department I work in:
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Type of Work: FWS Institutional
Training SA A U D SD
My supervisor discussed my job description with me.
My supervisor informed me of his/her job expectations.
My supervisor adequately trained me on my job duties.
My supervisor provided additional training when it was needed.
I knew how the work I was doing fit with the other work of the dept.
Professionalism SA A U D SD
My supervisor respects student employees.
My supervisor is easily accessible when I encounter problems.
I feel comfortable asking questions when I am unsure.
My supervisor acts in a professional manner.
Communication SA A U D SD
My supervisor provides constructive feedback at appropriate times.
My supervisor lets me know when I am doing a good job.
My supervisor is able to communicate in a clear and effective manner.
Schedule SA A U D SD
My supervisor gives me the number of hours we established on my Hire PAR.
My supervisor is able to be flexible when my academic assignments impose on my work schedule.
Overall Experience SA A U D SD
My job experience is skill building.
I feel my job was valued by my supervisor.
I would recommend my job to my friends.
Comments are strongly encouraged: