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Steps for Getting a Federal Work Study On-Campus Job

If you have been awarded Federal (on-campus) Work Study (FWS) for the Academic Year, as part of your financial aid award package, follow steps 1-4.
  1. Think about where you might want to work. Just about every department on campus has at least one FWS position available. Also, read through Gonzaga's Student Employment Manual to understand student employment policies and procedures.

  2. Look at your class schedule and see what hours during the week you are available to work. Typically, a student will work between 10-12 hours per week.

  3. View and apply for Federal on-campus work study jobs by going to the FWS Job Board.

  4. Once a job has been offered to you, go to the Student Employment Office to fill out your hiring paperwork. This will include the I-9 Form, which will require that we see original documentation, such as an original social security card, or, an unexpired passport, or, an original or certified birth certificate.

View and Apply for Academic Year FWS Jobs by clicking on the FWS Job Board.  Be sure to choose "Apply Without Vitae."

Federal Work Study      Job Board


 Instructions for Applying for an Academic Year FWS Job.  Click HERE.


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