Loan Repayment Options

There are several billing options available to you. Initially all loans are set up to receive statement billing; this option can be changed once the loan actually goes into repayment.

Statement Billing - You will receive a billing statement every month approximately 10 days before your payment is due (you may also opt for quarterly billing).

Coupon Billing - You should receive a coupon book about 20 days before the due date of your second installment. As each coupon book expires, a new one will be sent automatically from the billing service.

Automatic Direct Draft (ADD) - This convenient option automatically makes your loan payments electronically from your bank account on an installment date you choose. This option is the easiest and least expensive for both you and the University (it eliminates postage and check writing costs for you - and is the least expensive charge to the University). Your payments will always be made on time, avoiding possible late charges and helps you to build a good credit rating. (click here for application).

E-Bill - Electronic Billing is a billing option for registered users of Once you are enrolled in E-Bill, you will receive an email notification when your statement is available for viewing on The email will be sent in place of your regular paper billing statement. After you receive the email notification that your bill is available, you may log on to the website and view your statement information. Then you have a choice to pay your bill by creating an E-Pay transaction (online electronic payment) or you may mail a payment.

Gonzaga also has the ability to draft an immediate payment from your checking or savings account on a one-time basis. To take advantage of this service please call our office at 800 986-9585 ext 6811 or 509 313-6811. You will need the routing and account numbers from your checking or savings account.

REMEMBER! Your billing cycle is set automatically at the time you leave school. If the date your payments are due is not convenient for you, we can change the date. Interest is calculated on the outstanding principal balance daily. The interest charged becomes smaller as your principal balance becomes smaller. You may pay ahead of schedule at any time without penalty. That means anytime you make a payment that is more than the scheduled amount you will reduce the interest you pay over the life of the loan.

Payments should be made to the billing service:

Gonzaga University
P O Box 970004
Boston, MA 02297-0004