Web Time Entry Proxy Guidelines

September 30, 2011

Proxy Approvers:

  • All web time entry approvers must designate at least one person as their proxy approver so if the Supervisor is ever unavailable to approve hours due to vacation, illness, etc., employee hours will be approved in a timely manner in accordance with pay period deadlines.
  • Because the proxy approver must have the same organizational security access in Banner as the person for whom they are acting as proxy, the designation of a proxy must be given careful consideration. Whenever possible, approvers should proxy their supervisor to ensure appropriate access may be assigned.
    • When acting as a proxy, an employee may not approve his/her own time.
  • The designation of a proxy does not relieve the supervisor of the ongoing responsibility to approve time for their supervisees and should not be considered a delegation of that responsibility.   
  • Proxies must be trained to the same level of understanding and responsibility as the supervisor to accurately approve time. Web time entry approvers are responsible for the actions of their proxies.
  • The designation of a proxy should be reviewed and approved at the departmental director level.

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