Time Entry Guidelines for Employees and Supervisors

October 24, 2011 

Reporting Hours Worked:

  • Individual employee time entry via Zagweb is the primary and preferred method of entering hours worked for each pay period. Each employee is responsible for entering and submitting his/her hours worked in a timely and accurate manner, based on the deadline dates provided by the Payroll Department.

Approving Hours Worked:

  • Supervisors are responsible for approving their employees' hours in a timely and accurate manner, based on the deadline dates provided by the Payroll Department.
  • Verification and approval of the accurate hours worked and exception hours are the responsibility of the Supervisor, including review of sufficient leave time available.

Changing Employee WTE Entries:

  • If a supervisor notices an error or omission on an employee time record, the record should be returned to the employee for correction.
  • Exceptions:
    • Employee is absent or unavailable
    • Insufficient time to return based on ‘Submit By Date'
  • Procedure
    • If a supervisor changes an employee's time record, a comment must be added to the record indicating the reason for the change, the date, and type of change entered on the employee's time record.
    • The supervisor is responsible for notifying the employee of the change

Correction to Time Records After Processing:

  • If correction of time record becomes necessary after the time record has been processed, the following procedure should be followed:
    • Employee notifies supervisor of the error and the necessary correction
    • Supervisor will notify the Payroll Department in writing/via email and will authorize the correction
    • Payroll Department will make the appropriate correction to the employee's payroll and leave records

Payroll Office
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