Web Time Entry FAQ

1 . What is Web Time Entry?^

Web Time Entry is a software component of the Banner system that replaces paper time cards.  It allows staff and student employees to electronically submit their time each pay period and for supervisors to electronically approve the time so that it can be electronically uploaded into the pay system.  Employees and supervisors will also be able to view past time sheets as well as sick, vacation and personal leave balances online whenever they would like. 

2 . What is the difference between reporting hours on paper and reporting hours electronically?^

The time you enter using WTE will be approved by your supervisor and uploaded to the payroll process, eliminating the potential for data entry errors and providing more efficient processing of your payroll. 

3 . Who is impacted by WTE?^

WTE impacts all staff and student employees (except student employees whose only job at the University is with Sodexo) as well as faculty who supervise staff or student employees. State work study employees are not paid by Gonzaga University and are therefore not impacted by WTE.

4 . How do I log in to WTE?^

WTE is accessed through Zagweb.    You will need your Gonzaga ID number (on your GU ID card) and your Zagweb Pin Number.  If you do not know your ID or Pin Number, please call the Help Desk at ext. 5550 for assistance. 

5 . What do I need?^

Access to the internet and an internet web browser. 

6 . Where can I find a schedule of pay periods and time sheet due dates?^

Go to www.gonzaga.edu/payroll and access the schedule by selecting Payroll Forms and Timesheets.

7 . I’m a student and my only job is at Sodexo Food Service, does WTE apply to me?^

No, if Sodexo is your only job on campus.  Sodexo provides your hours to the Payroll Office based on your input to their time clock.  If you have other positions within the University, you will use WTE. 

8 . How often will I have to enter time?^

Web time sheets should be opened/started by each employee no later than the first day of each pay period. Time must be entered and approved by the second work day after the end of each payroll period. Individual supervisors and/or department heads will determine the frequency of time entry (daily, weekly, etc) for their group of employees.  Please review the approved Employee Time Entry Guidelines at www.gonzaga.edu/payroll.

9 . What if I didn’t work during the pay period?^

Non-exempt and student employees should not submit a timesheet for any pay period in which they do not work.

Exempt employees should record full day absences only on their time sheet using the Earning code ‘Unpaid Time Off’ and listing their scheduled number of daily work hours on any day they are absent and should not receive pay.

10 . If I enter time erroneously and the approver did not catch it, what will happen?^

You will be paid for the actual entries entered and approved through WTE.  If there is a mistake, you must notify your supervisor of the error.  The supervisor will notify the Payroll Office via email of the mistake and the Payroll Office will correct your pay according to the supervisor's direction. 

11 . What happens if my time record is not approved by the due date?^

All employees and their supervisors are responsible to see that time records are in the Payroll Office no later than the established due dates in order to be paid in a timely manner.  Time reports that are not received in time to process with the current payroll will be paid within 10 days after receipt in the Payroll Office or added to the next available payroll, whichever occurs first. 

12 . How do I submit my time if I don’t submit it on time electronically?^

Timesheet calendars are available on the payroll website under Payroll Forms and Timesheets.  You must complete the late timesheet, have your supervisor sign it and deliver it to the Payroll Department.  You will be paid according to the procedure above. 

13 . What kind of training is being provided for employees and supervisors?^

A variety of training has been developed to educate employees and supervisors about the new process.

Training materials: Access and print the materials that you need at www.gonzaga.edu/payroll.

Training videos:  A variety of videos have been created that show you how to log in, how to enter your time, how a supervisor would approve time, etc.  These videos may be viewed by following the WTE links at www.gonzaga.edu/payroll.             

14 . How will I be sure that I know which employees’ time I am required to approve?^

When you login to approve time for your employees, all of those that report to you will be displayed once they open their timesheet for the pay period.  Once the employee accesses their timesheet, the supervisor will see the status of the employee's time, listed as In Progress, Pending, Approved, etc.  

15 . What if the supervisor changes for my employees?^

It is extremely important that the employee supervisor information be accurate at all times.  Without accurate supervisor information in the Banner system, the employee will not be able to access, complete or submit time.

If the supervisor changes, notify Human Resources and Payroll as soon as the information is known.

You need only to notify the Payroll Office for a change in supervisor for student employees.

16 . Why must I set up a proxy approver?^

Approvers are required to have at least one proxy to approve their employees' time.  This proxy will have the ability to approve employee web time entries if the supervisor is not available due to illness, vacation, etc.  If time sheets are not approved the employee cannot not be paid.

Please review the approved Proxy Guidelines posted at www.gonzaga.edu/payroll

17 . Where can I go if I have additional questions?^

Your payroll personnel want to insure that all employees of the University are ready and able to use the new electronic time reporting process.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or clarifications.

Sue Clark, Payroll Director                                    Rhonda Corbin, Senior Payroll Administrator
(509) 313-6805                                                           (509) 313-6806
Clarks@gu.gonzaga.edu                                         Corbin@gu.gonzaga.edu

Brenda Roske, Payroll Assistant                          Jana Clarry, Payroll Assistant
(509) 313-6980                                                           (509) 313-6831
roske@gu.gonzaga.edu                                            clarry@gonzaga.edu

Also visit this website frequently: www.gonzaga.edu/payroll