Late Submission Guidelines

Late Submission of Time:

  • All employees and their supervisors are responsible to see that time records are in the Payroll Department no later than the established due dates in order to be paid in a timely manner.  Time records that are not received in time to process with the current payroll will be paid within 10 days after receipt in the Payroll Department or added to the next available payroll, whichever occurs first. 
  • If time is not entered and approved on or before the ‘Submit By Date' the hours cannot be uploaded into the current pay cycle, causing a delay in payment.  If electronic time record cannot be uploaded, the following procedure should be followed:
    • Employee will complete paper timesheet, which can be found on the Payroll Forms and Timesheet page, and submit to supervisor for approval
    • Supervisor will complete the supervisor section and sign the late timesheet and noting a brief explanation of why the time was not processed electronically
    • Employee or supervisor will deliver the timesheet directly to the Payroll Department for processing
    • Payroll Department will add hours to the payroll if possible or issue a manual check according to the Late Time Sheet policy
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