Freshman Registration at Gonzaga University

This page, and all associated with it, are under construction, and will be up and available in April, 2015.  If you have questions about the enrollment process at Gonzaga for new students, please call us at 509-313-4072.  Thank you!


The Office of Academic Advising & Assistance (AAA) welcomes you to Gonzaga University!

We are ready and excited to begin supporting you as a Gonzaga University student, beginning with your first semester registration.

Our mission is to "Support Students in their Pursuit for Academic Success."  This begins with the construction of your first semester schedule.  You will be enrolled for your first semester by advisors in the AAA office over the summer.  Here's how it works!

Step One - Explore and Inform Yourself:

We want you to start exploring the requirements of a Gonzaga degree, as well as the different majors, minors and programs we offer.  We have posted many pages of information here on our website for you to read and inform yourself.  The more you know, the better able you will be to answer important scheduling questions in the Academic Interest Survey.  You can find academic information in the online Undergraduate catalogue at, or by visiting a few pages here on our website.  For core requirements (classes all students take at some point in their Gonzaga career), click here.  For a brief description of each major we offer, as well as a sampling of courses you may have in your first semester, click here and browse away.

Step Two - Complete the Academic Interest Survey

This survey is your opportunity to tell us what you want to study in your first semester, what major you have chosen, as well as answer placement questions regarding foreign language, mathematics and English. We cannot register you for classes without this survey being complete, so get it done as soon as possible. We won't lock you into any major or class you select, but we need a starting point, so please don't delay.  To begin, click here

Step Three: Be Patient While We Work

In June and July, using the information you provided, together with your academic history and profile, we schedule you for your first semester courses. We are academic advisors, which makes knowing curriculum inside and out, our specialty.  The scheduling process takes time, but we will have it done and ready for you by August 1st.  When they are complete, we will notify you via email.  Once you have your schedule, use our tips and tools (delivered in that mailing) to learn more about your classes, your major, and your college/school.

Step Four - If Necessary, Changing your Schedule

Students who wish to make changes to their schedules will have an opportunity to do so during several Schedule Change Times in August. To learn more about the process, including specific dates/times, please click here.

Best of luck to you in the completion of your senior year! We look forward to working with you over the next few months as you start your academic Gonzaga journey. If, at any point in the registration process, you have questions, please ask! You can call us (800.965.9223) or send us an email (

The Office of Academic Advising & Assistance

Gonzaga University