David Greenwood

What is your favorite place on campus?

I have two favorite places on campus.  The first, Desmet Hall, is located in the heart of campus.  This was my sophomore year residence hall and a place where I experienced some of my greatest GU memories.  The second is Foley Library.  Foley provides the perfect accommodations to any students' study needs.  It is one of the few places where I can go and take care of all my school work.

What about your favorite place in Spokane?

I love the Spokane Arena.  There are so many great events ranging from hockey games to concerts.  Every time I have been to an event I have always had a great time.  There is always something interesting going on at the arena at any time of the year.

Which class and/or professor have you enjoyed the most so far?

My Managerial Accounting course sophomore year had to have been my favorite class.

Give us a fun fact about you:

My feet are the most ticklish spot on my body.

What extra-curricular activity do you enjoy the most?

Every year my friends and I form a coed volleyball team.  It's great getting together with a common interest we all share and competing against other students.  We've also won two championships, which is a nice bonus.

Even though you haven't left Gonzaga yet, what is your favorite memory so far?

During my freshman year my roommate and I created a duct tape wall over my friend's dorm.  What was so great about our prank was that it was the first snow of the year.  Since our friend is from Arizona and isn't around snow too often, he woke up screaming and yelling, "It's snowing! David, wake up!"  Much to his surprise he opened up his door to a massive wall of duct tape blocking him from getting to his long lost dreams of snow.