GEL Host Registration
Host Registration

Host Registration

GEL Weekend!

All registered Hosts will complete a Host Agreement form at our first Host Meeting (March 24 or 25).

*Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Hosts residing off-campus or in upper-division apartment complexes (Corkery/Kennedy).


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Why do you want to be a GEL Host? (2-3 sentences)
What qualities make you a great GEL Host? (2-3 sentences)
Did you attend GEL weekend as a senior in High School?
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Would you like to host 2 GEL students (not including GEL students your roommate may be hosting)?
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Would you be willing to host a DAY-ONLY GEL participant? (This means the student would hang out with you for the evening events, but would not stay the night in your room)
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If you would like to request a specific GEL visitor to host, please enter their name here:
** Please be aware that university residence life and disciplinary records are reviewed for each GEL Host applicant. If we are unable to accept your application, we will contact you directly**