Christelle Sibi Gorman


Current occupation/grad school:
I am working with several non-profit organizations to end the generational cycle of poverty both in the United States and in Africa. Among them are African Diaspora for Change (Partnership & Sponsorship Director), Autism Community of Africa (Publicist), Racine Heritage Foundation (Program Director), Ivoirian Hope Foundation (Spokes person/Fundraising), Ivorian Association of Washington, DC (Youth Connection), and Miss Ivory Coast America Pageant (Pageant Director).

A short description about your current occupation/grad school:
A native of Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa, I came to the USA at age 14 to pursue my education. The first member of my family to ever graduate from high school and college, I want to make sure that others get the same opportunity. In 2004, after a humanitarian mission to West Africa, I presented to members of the United States Senate on the issues facing my homeland. After earning a Bachelor of Art from Gonzaga, I moved to Washington DC in 2007 to pursue a career working on behalf of marginalized populations.

Christelle with President Obama
Christelle attending a "Constituent Coffee" gathering where she asked President Obama about African Diaspora and the youth role in helping to combat poverty.

A short description of your career path:
My hope is to one day open a school in my village in order to continue the Gonzaga slogan of "educating people the world needs the most." In order to accomplish my goal I recently partnered with Racine Heritage Foundation as the Project Manager. I am also working on a water project to combat waterborne diseases in Côte d'Ivoire. My next goal is to attend grad school and study something along the lines of International Relations/Third World Development.

What has been most valuable to you from your Gonzaga education?
A great education in the Ignatian tradition was my most valuable attainment. Gonzaga also taught me to serve others. My residence life experiences also had huge impacts on my education and personal development.

Is there anything else about your Gonzaga experience you would like to share?
My Gonzaga Experience was: la Joie de Vivre. It inculcated a sense of community service and global vision. It has been said many times, "You can't spend much time at Gonzaga without being struck by students' expressions of joy." I can certainly attest to that and as a result have made some lifelong friendships and contacts.

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Christelle Sibi Gorman

Current location: Washington DC Area
Year of Gonzaga graduation: 2007

Christelle, an activist for many causes of social justice, attends a fundraiser for people with autism