Library Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment of student learning and library instruction at Gonzaga University

Foley Center participates in the University's assessment process, regularly reviews program level goals, and develops specific methods for the assessment of student learning outcomes based on the library's mission statement.  Each academic year, librarians create and utilize evaluation rubrics for the assessment of student learning in a number of disciplines, including courses at the entry level, courses at the entry to the major, and capstone courses at the end of the major. 

The library assessment reports from 2006 to the present are available here for review as well as some of the rubrics we have used in the past to assess student learning.    If there are any questions related to information literacy  and the library's  learning goals for students at Gonzaga, please feel free to contact either Kelly Jenks or John Spencer at Foley Library.     

Kelly Jenks, Instruction Coordinator,

John S. Spencer, Coordinator of Public Services,

Assessment Reports

Assessment Plan and Report, 2006

LibQUAL Survey Summary, 2006

Assessment Report, 2006-2007

Assessment Report, 2007-2008

Assessment Report, 2008-2009

Assessment Report, 2009-2010

Assessment Report, 2010-2011

Rubrics and Summaries of Assessment of Student Learning

Critical Thinking -- Rubric and Summary  (June 2009)

Critical Thinking --  Rubric  and Summary (Fall 2007)

English 101 -- Rubric  (Fall 2011)

Pathways -- Rubric and Summary  (Fall 2009)

Pathways --  Rubric and  Summary (Fall 2006)

Religion 220 -- Rubric and Summary  (Spring 2010)