Getting library books

How to find and get books

Books from Foley Library                                                             

  • Search the Library Catalog
  • When you find a book you want, click on the title.
  • To request the book, use the Make a Request feature.  Click here: Foley Book Requests

POLICIES AND DUE DATES: Before placing a request for a book, consider that books are mailed to distance students and will take at least a week (or several weeks if you are in Canada) to arrive. You are also responsible for return postage. Library policies regarding overdue fines and lost/damaged book replacement charges apply to both on campus and distant students.  The loan period for a book from Foley Library's General Collection is 8 weeks for our graduate students. It's easy to avoid overdue charges by renewing books as the due date approaches.  You can renew a General Collection book online and up to 8 times (as long as no one else needs it)!

Books from other Libraries - Interlibrary Loans (ILL)

  • Go to the library homepage
  • Under the Find Books Section, click on the link to WorldCat.
  • Search for items you need
  • Use the Send request by ILLiad link to place a request

ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME! Ordering books from other libraries is not your best option for "last minute" research. Books are mailed to us from the lending library and after we process them they are mailed to you.

BE VERY SELECTIVE - Please limit your requests for Interlibrary Loans and order only what you can truly use in your research. We want to keep the Interlibrary Loan service free to all students, but the reality is ILL is very expensive for the library, so please use it judiciously. 

SPECIAL "ILL" RELATED POLICIES - Because loan periods may be short and overdue charges are so high, interlibrary loan cannot be used as a substitute for purchasing textbooks. Books we get for you through interlibrary loan (ILL) are subject to the policies of the lending institution.  In other words, libraries that are kind enough to loan us their books get to call the shots!  While most ILL books come with a 4-week loan period, in some cases the loan periods may be as short as a week and renewals are always at the discretion of the lending library.   Please give "ILL books" your immediate attention when they arrive so you will be prepared to return them on time.  Overdue charges and lost/damaged fees do apply.

WHAT TO DO IF A BOOK ARRIVES IN THE MAIL ON (OR AFTER) THE DUE DATE?! This does happen on occasion. Contact us immediately if it happens to you!! We will renew the book and do our best to get you more time from the lending library.  Phone numbers: 509-313-6534 / 800-498-5941 or e-mail


  • You are responsible for return postage.
  • Package books to avoid damage - use the same box or envelope they came in if it's in good condition.
  • A yellow return address label is included when we send the books to you. You can also use the label here.
  • If it's close to the due date, send an email to to let us know the books are on their way.
  • If you know you will be coming to campus and would prefer to return the books at that time, let us know. We can often give you more time with Foley-owned books and will do our best to get additional time from interlibrary loan libraries.